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3 Chapter - 673 Words - Developed by:
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This is a story based off the Warrior Cats books, If you like these first few chapters I will create more.

    Basilkit sniffed through the grass, looking for her sister, Poppykit, Poppykit was a master of hide and seek. "Okay, I give up! Basilkit said after looking outside the cave for a long time. "Gotcha!" Said Poppykit as she came barreling into her sister, they rolled over and over until they rolled into the clan cave where they got up, meowing with laughter. Just then a young brown she-cat came over to them, the cat's name was Sparrowpaw and even though she was still an apprentice, she acted like a full-grown cat. "Be quiet you two! You'll wake the whole clan!" She hissed. "Sorry," Basilkit muttered. "Sparrowpaw! I need you over here for a second!" called a voice from one of the tunnels, It was Whitewhisker, Sparrowpaw's mentor. Basilkit waited until Sparrowpaw was out of earshot before saying, "Saved!" "I know! She was really gonna let us have it if Whitewhisker hadn't called for her." Said Poppykit cheerfully. "What's this about you kits being too loud?" Asked their mother Frostear, she had just padded up. "Oh, uh, nothing," Basilkit said quickly. " Hm. " Snorted Frostear, her face showing emotion except in her eyes, they were twinkling with amusement. Just then, Brakentuft, a tom, came rushing in, his eyes wild, his fur standing on end. "Fire!" He yowled, "Fire!" Ashstar, the leader, came out of his den and sat beside Brakentuft. "Where?" He asked as other cats came crowding around. "Very close! If we don't get out right now then we will be trapped by walls of flame!"

    "We must move quickly! Gather the whole clan! Protect the kits, queens, and elders! Move out!" Ashstar yowled commandingly, his long grey fur fluffed up in worry. "Mother? What's going on?" Basilkit asked, scared. "Stick close to me my kits, we will be okay." The white she-cat purred, trying to be calm for the kits, but Basilkit knew Frostear was scared because she heard her say under her breath, "Great sun and moon, let us be safe." The cats filed out of the cave and down the slope but stopped abruptly when they saw the fire down below. "What do we do?" Some cat in the back asked, but Ashstar didn't respond, he just stood in shock looking at the fire. "I can't see! I can't see it!" Poppykit whined, pushing forward in the crowd until she was right on the edge of the cliff, "Poppykit, come back!" Frostear said trying to push forward, but it was too late, Poppykit fell headfirst into the fire. "No!" Frostear yowled, pulling Basilkit closer to her with her tail. "Poppykit!" Basilkit screeched. "You mouse-brained fool!" Frostear hissed at Ashstar, "What were you thinking? You could have saved her!" "I- I didn't..." Ashstar began but was cut off. "We are not staying in this clan one more minute!" Frostear hissed, dragging Basilkit along with her.




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