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The story of Birchstar

5 Chapter - 1.244 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 444 taken-The story is currently being written

This is based on the Warriors series of Erin Hunter. It's about the life of the current FlameClan leader, Birchstar. Please keep in mind that as far as my knowledge, FlameClan is made up.

    "I got here first!" Soilkit announced triumphantly to his littermates. "No! I am!" argued Butterflykit, and pushed Soilkit off the Tallrocks. "Come on, the announcement is gonna start!", hissed Rainkit. Birchkit and Glidekit stayed silent- they knew that the others fighting wasn't their business. Plus, Snowtuft, their mother would probably punish them.
    Sure enough, Snowtuft appeared out of nowhere- and she had seen Butterflykit and Soilkit argue. "You have been naughty! And you need to pay for it. You are forbidden to hear this announcement!"
    Butterflykit pouted, but she and Soilkit went back to the nursery. They knew better than to argue with Snowtuft- she was angry enough already.
    So Rainkit, Glidekit, and Birchkit sat down next to Snowtuft as they patiently waited for the announcement to start.
    Houndstar, the son of the previous leader, Froststar, jumped on the Highstump. "FlameClan!" he addressed the crowd. "We have no troubles recently in our Clan."
    "Then why did you call this meeting?" hissed a white warrior. Houndstar silenced him with a flick of his tail.
    "We have kits ready to be apprenticed." continued Houndstar. "They are six moons old. Birchkit, Glidekit, Rainkit, I can see you now. But where are Butterflykit and Soilkit?"
    Apparently, Butterflykit and Soilkit had been listening, because as soon as Houndstar finished speaking, they bounded out from the nursery.
    "Here we are!" sang Butterflykit, with Soilkit coming after her. Her voice rang over the whole camp.

    Birchkit was shocked. But before he could say anything, Snowtuft had already spoken.
    "Why didn't you tell us!" she snarled at Houndstar. "This news was totally unknown. Do you kn-"
    Houndstar interrupted her. "I didn't tell you because they would have become too excited and wrecked the whole thing. After the Violetpaw incident when Hazelstar led FlameClan, no leader has ever told kits that they would become apprentices again."(Okay, so now you are probably wondering who Hazelstar is. Well, after Ravenstar started New FlameClan, he picked Lilyfoot as his deputy. After Lilystar passed away, Hazelstar led the Clan. Then came Froststar, and then Houndstar.)
    Before anyone could interrupt, Houndstar went on. "Okay now comes the apprentice ceremony. Butterflykit, you first. Butterflykit, you will now be known as Butterflypaw. Your mentor will be Flywing.
    Birchkit watched Butterflykit- now Butterflypaw touch noses with her mentor. He could hardly wait for his turn!

    Birchkit watched in awe as all of his siblings got his or her mentor and apprentice names. When Glidepaw got his mentor, Glidewing (Everyone thought that was a HILARIOUS joke-and so did Glidepaw), Birchkit smiled.
    Finally, it was Birchkit's turn.
    Houndstar called him to the Highstump. After he got his apprentice name- Birchpaw, it was time to get his mentor.
    "Your mentor will be Swiftfoot." said Houndstar.
    Birchpaw heard Soilpaw gasp. Soilpaw's mentor was Finchwing, and Rainpaw's was Sleetslide. Everyone wanted Swiftfoot for his or her mentor.
    Swiftfoot and Birchpaw touched noses, and Birchpaw got a 'I am on the top of the world' feeling. Apprenticeship was gonna be FUN!

    Birchpaw woke up very early- he wanted to see the dawn patrol leave.
    Swiftfoot was waiting for him outside. "I thought that maybe you wanted to go on the dawn patrol?" he offered.
    A spark burst through Birchpaw like a ray of light in the starry sky. A patrol on the first day? AWESOME!
    "YESIWOULDLOVETO" said Birchpaw without even pausing in the middle of his words.
    A few minutes later, Birchpaw followed Swiftfoot and a few other warriors out of the camp. They decided to patrol the StreamClan border first(The Clans here are LightningClan, FlameClan, CoalClan, StreamClan, and WindClan).
    They went along just fine, and they marked the border. But then, Birchpaw smelled a strange scent.
    "BADGER!" yelled Swiftfoot. Sure enough, two furious badgers were staring at them.
    "Rainwing!" said Swiftfoot to one of the warriors. "Go and fetch help!" Rainwing raced to the camp.
    Birchpaw launched himself at the badgers with the two other warriors. But just when he had got the chance to chase off one of the badgers, the other grabbed his tail. He tryed to break free, but the badger was too strong.
    He was flung into the bushes. The last thing he heard was Swiftfoot shouting "Birchpaw!". As he fainted, he thought, 'No, I can't die yet. I'm only an apprentice.' The world grew black around him, and he fainted.

    "Birchpaw! Are you okay?" Birchpaw woke up in the medicine cat den. Swiftfoot and Butterflypaw were sitting beside him. He was in a nest. "Am I hurt?" Birchpaw asked, a little confused. "Yes, on the leg." answered Butterflypaw. "How many legs are injured?" he asked. "1. The right front leg." said Swiftfoot. "Oh no. How can I do apprentice duties if my leg is broken?" groaned Birchpaw. "Don't worry, we split up all of your duties between Soilpaw and Rainpaw. Plus, you were already ahead of all of us. You will still be ahead of all of us after your leg heals." This did not cheer up Birchpaw because he was still confined to the medicine cat den for a minimum of two moons.
    A loud screech woke Birchpaw up. He clambered outside the medicine cat den(the medicine cat was out collecting herbs) to see what the commotion was.
    As soon as Birchpaw scrambled out of the den, the roof collapsed.
    "I'm so glad you got out." said Soilpaw. "Oh come on!" said Rainpaw. "I know that you made the den crash down. Stop pretending!"
    Soilpaw's mentor turned on him. "How did you get the den to crash down?"
    "He made a crack on the bottom rocks." tattled Rainpaw. "The crack grew larger, and the den crashed down."
    After Soilpaw had been taken away, Glidepaw remarked, "You can come out of the den."
    "Already? After a day?" said Birchpaw. "You've slept for a moon." said Glidepaw. "WHAT?" yelled Birchpaw. "Yup. I ensure you." said Glidepaw

    This chapter still isn't finished. Tell me in the comments if you like it or not!

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588 days ago
Thanks for the compliment!
647 days ago
Cool story Tallstar! I love Warriors a lot!
693 days ago
Foxhowl, you discovered the secret of my name!
693 days ago
I never knew about Wings of Fire, so I didn't make the name Rainwing on purpose.
695 days ago
Also is the name Rainwing for Rainwing on purpose on in RainWings from Wings of Fire?
697 days ago
Tallstar? As in Tallstar from the series? YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!