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Shallow Sights Chapter 1

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Okay, so the thing that Shallowkit said was in Latin! Yes, magical things have to be said in Latin! This is my leader of Starclan Shallowsight's story: D Go on reading that first chapter!

    Shallow Sights Chapter 1

    NightClanLeader: Nightstar- An old black tom with deep amber eyes
    Deputy: Foxtuft- A orange she-cat with yellow eyes
    Medicine Cat: Fireshade- A bright ginger tom with amber eyes
    Lakeheart- A silver tom with blue eyes
    Emberstripe- A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Sprucewing- A tan she-cat with green eyes
    Riverbounce- A grey tom with blue eyes and short fur
    Cherrydawn- A reddish ginger she-cat with amber eyes (Mother of Lakeheart's kits, Quailkit- a red tom with amber eyes, and Wrenkit- a ginger she-cat with blue eyes)
    Cloudpelt- A white she-cat with long thick fluffy fur and amber eyes (Mother of Riverbounce's kits, Moonkit- a white tom with short fur and blue eyes, Pinekit- a white tom with long thick fur with green eyes, Brightkit- a grey she-cat with long fluffy fur and yellow eyes, and Shallowkit- a grey she-cat with short fur and amber eyes)
    Icesong- An old black she-cat with blue eyesDarkwhisker- A dark silver tom with blind amber eyes

    Leader:  Purestar- A cream she-cat with yellow eyes
    Deputy: Blueclaw- A blue tom with green eyes
    Medicine Cat: Bristleleap- A grey tom with amber eyes
    Jaymoon- A black tom with blue eyes the color of jay feathers
    Crowpool- A black she-cat with deep amber eyes
    A stream that runs through the rocks (Stream)- A silver she-cat with light blue eyes
    Quietdeer- A brown she-cat with soft amber eyes
    Breezedusk- A tan tom with blue eyes
    Shimmerpelt- A pure white she-cat with red eyes
    Turtlelight- A golden tom with green eyes
    Dawnheart- A reddish-golden she-cat with amber eyes
    Silverpaw- A silver tom with blue eyes
    Fawnpaw- A tan she-cat with green eyes

    Leader: Hollowstar- A dark brown tom with amber eyes
    Deputy: Twigleap- A dark grey she-cat with green eyes
    Medicine Cat: Owl that flies over all (Owl)- A tan tom with bright blue eyes
    Foxbranch- A ginger tom with amber eyes
    Brokenjaw- A brown she-cat with ginger stripes with amber eyes and a broken jaw
    Wolfclaw- A grey tom with deep amber eyes like a wolf
    Pineprickle- A brown tom with green eyes who is very shy
    Turtleleaf- A dark brown she-cat with light brown spots and amber eyes
    Ivytail- A light brown she-cat with black spots and green eyes
    Spottedwing- A ginger she-cat with golden spots and blue eyes
    Goldenheart- A golden she-cat with amber eyes

    Leader: Monarchstar- A black tom with ginger spots and amber eyes
    Deputy: Whiteleaf- A white she-cat with green eyes
    Medicine Cat: Amberheart- A ginger she-cat with blind amber eyes
    Frostheart- A silver tom with blue eyes
    Cloud that floats high in the sky (Sky)- A black she-cat with white spots and amber eyes
    Silvertrail- A silver she-cat with light blue eyes
    Thaweye- A brown tom with amber eyes
    Shining Moon (Moon)- A white she-cat with black spots and deep blue eyes
    Lionpelt- A golden tom with amber eyes
    Jayear- A gray tom with blue eyes
    Dovefeather- A gray she-cat with green eyes
    Memory that lasts (Memory)- A black tom with blue eyes
    Hollypaw- A black she-cat with green eyes
    Berrypaw- A cream tom with a stump for a tail and amber eyes

    Chapter 1:

    Shallowkit bounced around her siblings. "I am so excited for the moss-ball tournament today!" She said excitedly. "Calm down Shallowkit!" Moonkit snapped. "But it's a moss-ball tournament! We only have these once every 6 moons! A whole day no patrols, no hunting, and a big feast later!" Shallowkit pointed out. "Yeah! One in Leaf-Fall and one in New-Leaf!" Brightkit mewed, popping her head out from under their mother's Cloudpelt long thick fluffy fur. "Calm down kits. Or you won't play in the tournament." Cloudpelt mewed. "Will Quailkit, and Wrenkit also play with us?" Pinekit mewed his thick fur like Cloudpelt blowing in the soft breeze. "Yes of course this is for everyone this New-Leaf." Cloudpelt purred. "Do you think that Emberstripe will win again?" Brightkit asked. All four of the kits had heard how Emberstripe won the tournament against Foxtuft who won the four tournaments before she lost in the final game. "I want to beat Emberstripe this tournament!" Pinekit said, his green eyes shining bright with excitement. "I bet you won't because I will win against Emberstripe!" Quailkit mewed. Shallowkit pounced on top of Quailkit. "Don't ever say that to Pinekit again." She hissed. "Now go make him feel good about himself and if I catch you picking on any of my litter-mates again... Or I will shred you." Shallowkit hissed some more. Quailkit's eyes were wide with fear. He nodded quickly and Shallowkit let him go. "Woah! I wish I could scare Quailkit! He is like two moons older than us!" Brightkit mewed. It was true that Quailkit and Wrenkit were two moons older than Shallowkit and her litter-mates they were five Shallowkit were only three moons old. "I am nearly as big as him though." Shallowkit pointed out. "That must be really scary! A kit that is two moons younger than you but is nearly as big as you, a five moon old kit who is average size for your age!" "You also have Father's tall thin body!" Brightkit mewed. That was also true. Their father Riverbounce was very tall. He towered a few mice over Foxtuft who was 7 mice tall, the second tallest cat in NightClan. "Against Emberstripe Vincere vellum!" Shallowkit whispered to herself. Where and when did she learn to say that! Never mind that she would have to play here soon. "And Shallowkit will be against Quailkit!" Foxtuft mewed happily. Most likely because she would win against Cloudpelt. Shallowkit's game was starting first. She hit the moss-ball past Quailkit signaling that she had won. "Shallowkit was cheating!" Quailkit complained to Nightstar who was judging. "It looks like someone is not going to become an apprentice." Nightstar mewed his raspy voice was extra raspy today. Quailkit then shut up. By the time it was a bit past sun-high Shallowkit was going against Emberstripe. Shallowkit had defeated Quailkit, Foxtuft, and Cherrydawn. Emberstripe had defeated Brightkit, Riverbounce, and Lakeheart. Foxtuft climbed on top of a rock. "Let the final match begin!" She mewed. Shallowkit hit the moss-ball and set it sailing over Emberstripe's head. Who hit the moss back. It was like that for a while till the moss-ball finally fell behind Emberstripe. "Good game Shallowkit!" Emberstripe mewed. "Woah that was cool!" Wrenkit mewed who had lost against Lakeheart. "Yeah!" Pinekit agreed. "That was awesome!" Brightkit bounced everywhere. "It was nothing!" Shallowkit mewed. Or was it?

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Wth does ‘Vincere vellum’ mean? (‘Wth’ means ‘what the heck’)
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Great story Foxhowl!
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