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Another excerpt + New Name!

Hi! It's JayfeatherBB and I miss you guys so much. I haven't been posting as much but I guarantee that I am working on Sheenheart's Journey. Okay, a couple of things.
We have a new name for the Dawnbridge series! If you want to find this out, read to the last chapter: D
Second, AHHH! We got a wiki! Please edit, add pages, pictures, and do anything you'd like! Please please PLEASE https://a-new-dawn-warriors.fandom.com/wiki/A_New_Dawn_Wiki and thank you!

Are THIRD, You guys ready for an EXCERPT? I got one from the one and only Super Edition for the Dawnbridge Series (Sheenheart's Challenge) in the next chapter!(eolive))
I love y'all:)

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790 days ago
Welp, I've added my excerpt :)
811 days ago
Sheenheart´s Challenge almost done! I´m really excited lol- this one´s different than my usual writing. Much longer, much better, and... well there´s other things about it but I can´t get too deep without spoilers! In the ´not included´ section I have a new information thing but it´s not uploading fsr
816 days ago
Thats honestly really weird Anastasia Chance~
816 days ago
831 days ago
840 days ago
`pats Jay` Don't worry-its nothing.. :D
843 days ago
mY lIfE hAs BeEn A lIe.
843 days ago
843 days ago
I highly advise it! She has a cool fanfiction out!
851 days ago
thanks so much MarshmellowKat :) Maybe I'll go read some of your stuff later
853 days ago
fyi thanks for post THE BEST stories EVER!!!!
853 days ago
Hey i am suchhhh a big fan i love ur stuff and i just love it i cant stop saying it! Thanks u are the best! When i am done posting a book i go over to ur stuff and i read! love itttt!! :)
856 days ago
XD thats fine. Your book idea thing was really good by the way
864 days ago
Oop do not read that thought u were talking about something else lol
864 days ago
Well it means i got to make a quiz/fan fic.
last time i took an hour to make a quiz and then it was lost forever.

So yeah...
867 days ago
lol I think you press "add page," idk really
874 days ago
Me actually had got to post a thingy! Go check it out its under Ice Water and called Ideas :P
874 days ago
just read my name :P where do I add the characters???
875 days ago
lol thanks, idrk about any specific thing but it would be great if everyone could add characters
878 days ago
Hey Jay, I checked out your wiki! Do you need me for anything? -._-.