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Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun

6 Chapter - 2.398 Words - Developed by:
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Dusk is a she-cat who loves her barn life but is torn between being a Warrior or Rogue. What will she choose?

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    Dusk woke up to the fresh morning air hitting her fur, the sunlight glowing magnificently. She stretched and noticed a calico she-cat and tabby tom were up and sharing a rabbit.

    Dusk padded up to them and sat down, flicking her dark gray tail. “Good morning, Fallow, Tabitha,” She greeted them. “May we share?”

    “Of course,” The tabby tom greeted as Fallow said. Tabitha chewed her bite and swallowed, looking at Dusk.

    “You slept in,” Tabitha said, nudging her a little.

    Dusk looked up to three cats in the barn loft, flicking her tail up towards them. “Willa, Sand, and Echo are still asleep,” She responded.

    Fallow snorted. “And Goat, Lilac, Carter, Mango, Sunny, Quail, David, and Rebel are outside enjoying the sun.”

    Dusk rolled her eyes and ate some of the rabbits. “Well, ever since I was expecting Sliver’s kits, I’ve been extremely tired,” She admitted. “And Abby and Scar have kept me up all night, overreacting.”

    “What you need is some rest,” Tabitha said. She looked over to Echo, who had her tail wrapped around her five kits, Keke, Addy, Beck, Ophelia, and Shark. “Maybe Echo could give you some advice.”

    “It’s too late for advice,” Dusk murmured.

    “I’ve never seen an expecting mother so upset,” Fallow said, concern in his gaze. “Is everything all right?”

    “It’s uncomfortable,” Dusk whined like a kitten. She couldn’t help it. Her belly had been bulging for so long now! It felt too long.

    Maybe if she had stayed in ThunderClan she wouldn’t have become pregnant so early.

    Dusk shook herself. No, ThunderClan chased her out after she killed Tom, the vicious rogue that was going behind the Clan’s back, and only she knew the truth.

    But she did miss Dawnpaw.

    “Are you okay?” Tabitha asked.

    “I’m going outside,” Dusk said as she trudged over to the barn doors. Usually, she would've jumped out onto the roof, leaping down the usual exit ramp, but since she was so pregnant, she pushed the barn door open.

    Outside, she saw Rebel, Mango, Quail, David, and Sunny sunbathing on a piece of broken wood on top of the shack outside of the barn.

    “Good morning, Dusk,” David said in his usual gruff voice.

    “Good morning,” Dusk said, giving a sharp nod. To her right, a little farther out in the abandoned field, she noticed Carter, Lilac, and Goat playing. Abby and Scar were nuzzling each other inside the broken-down monster.

    Dusk realized the younger, more apprentice-aged cats, Rose, Fern, and Petal were playing around the butterfly bush.

    Frosty and Vine were gathering herbs and spotted her. “Hello, Dusk,” Vine said calmly.

    Frosty didn’t seem to notice her and went to check on the older cats, Megan, Froth, and Cow.

    “Hello, Vine,” Dusk said.

    “How are you?” The mossy-colored she-cat asked.

    “Uncomfortable,” Dusk said.

    “Let me take a look,” Vine said, making sure Dusk got onto her back. Vine pressed her paws and stepped back when Dusk winced, then did it again. “Does that hurt?”

    “Yes,” Dusk mumbled. “Will my kits be okay?”

    “Yes, of course! Healthy kits,” Vine reassured her. “But one may come out paws first.”

    “Is that bad?” Dusk asked in alarm, eyes wide.

    “I just told you, no!” Vine said gruffly.

    Dusk shuffled her paws in embarrassment. “Where’s Sliver?” She asked softly.

    “By the broken down twoleg-den,” Vine said. She flicked her tail and walked over to Frosty.

    Dusk rolled her eyes in annoyance and walked over to Sliver. Through the field, past the broken-down monsters, past the two broken shacks, across the creek, and through the broken fence. She saw Sliver on the heap of broken wood, staring at the sky.

    “Sliver,” Dusk purred. The black tom with white paws and ear-tip turned around, his amber eyes cold.

    “What?” He snapped. Dusk jumped back in surprise.

    “I came to say good morning,” She said. “What do you mean, ‘what?”

    “I don’t care,” He said coldly. “Good morning.”

    “What is wrong with you this morning?” Dusk hissed. Her mate’s eyes warmed and he dipped his head.

    “I’m sorry,” He said softly. “I’m nervous.”

    “I’m the mother of these kits,” She hissed. “Don’t you think I’m a little nervous, too?”

    Sliver dipped his head sympathetically. “We should get back to the barn.”

    Dusk let out a small humph and followed him into the barn when she felt a small tug in her stomach. She was breathless for a moment. “Sliver!” She cried. “The kits are coming!”

    “Lay down here,” Frosty commanded, worry in here mew.

    “They’re a moon early!” Echo fretted.

    Echo, Vine, Frosty, Mango, and Abby were surrounding her. They were all either Herb-Cats or had had kits before.

    Dusk pushed. She was overly thirsty.

    “Get her some water, Sliver!” Vine snapped. “Push, Dusk!”

    Dusk pushed and gasped for breath. It was stuck!

    Vine pushed the wet moss against Dusk’s muzzle, and a kit slid out onto the nest. Frosty bit the sac and licked the kit clean. “A she-kit!” She cheered.

    Dusk relaxed.

    Vine felt around. “That’s the only kit,” She declared.

    Sliver skidded up to Dusk. “What will we name her?”

    “Dawn,” Dusk said, gazing at the beautiful she-cat.

    “Then Dawn it is,” Silver whispered softly.

    Dusk nuzzled her newborn daughter. She was beautiful.

    I’m just going to get some sleep, she thought. Peacefully, she drifted into sleep.

    Dusk had been asleep no longer than middle-sun to sinking-sun when Scar, Mango, and Fern raced into the barn while most cats were closing the barn doors and gaps, eating prey, and sleeping in the lofts.

    Dusk raised her head from the middle of the barn, where her nest was. “What is it?” She asked, fear in her voice.

    Sliver woke up from the bars in the barn ceiling and leaped down, siding with Dusk. There was barely any light in the barn, so he stumbled a few times.

    Abby tried to catch her breath, and ran up to her sister, Echo, in fear. Fern let out a shriek of terror.

    “It’s Shark,” Mango whispered. “He’s gone missing.”

    Echo wailed in fear.

    Mango looked at Scar. “We’ve searched the abandoned shacks, the broken-down monsters and two-leg den, the field, and the five trees! We even went as far to the meadow and new-barn, looking as close as the dogdens!”

    Dusk stared at Mango in horror. Things like this only happened in the Clans! She turned to Sliver and curled her tail around Dawn. This was terrible!

    Sliver licked his mate’s ears reassuringly. “You and Dawn can sleep in the bars tonight,” He whispered.

    “That’s no place for a kit,” She whispered back, turning her head anxiously.

    Kinka, the pure white she-cat, raced to the highest point inside the barn, known as the announcement reach. She cleared her throat. “All she-cats and kits stay in the barn until we find Shark,” She yowled.

    Dusk nuzzled her blind kit. Fair enough. She thought.

    “You know what, I can make a nest in the bars,” Dusk told Sliver. She gathered up her nest and leaped into the lowest loft, then the next one, and then the top. She looked at the bars and made the final jump while Sliver carried Dawn up gently. She made her nest of the thickest bars that hung over the crossing place, where the pigs and cows used to live. Sliver made the nest bigger so he could sleep with her and put Dawn inside.

    Dusk looked over to the lowest loft where the older cats slept. The second loft, the biggest, where the younger, more healthy cats slept. Then the top left where the families with kits, Kinka, and Frosty, and Vine slept. The bars were only where they rested.

    “It’ll be okay,” Sliver whispered as Dawn’s breathing steadied.

    Dusk looked to where the old stables were. The chickens, pigs, cows, and horses stayed in there. Now it was the home of rogues that Dusk wasn’t familiar with.

    “What do you think got him?” Dusk whispered.

    Sliver hesitated and sighed. “Honest? Before you came here, when, you know, I was a kit, the Clans gave us trouble. They kidnapped Abby and Echo,” He explained. “Abby and Echo were kits. So, I don’t doubt they kidnapped Shark, too.”

    Dusk stifled. “What Clan?” She whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

    “ThunderClan,” Sliver answered.

    "Sh!” Cow hissed from below. “Some of us are trying to sleep!”

    “Are the barn doors locked?” Ophelia fretted.

    Addy nodded frightfully. “Yeah!”

    Echo looked at Kinka.

    “The barn doors must be locked every night now,” Kinka declared. “The only opening will be the window at the top of the barn.”

    “How do we know those other thirteen rogues didn’t kitnap Shark?” Vine suddenly growled.

    “Vine, Echo, Cow,” Kinka mewed. “Sliver, you two. Come meet me privately underneath the haybales.”

    Sliver licked Dusk thoroughly and leaped off the bars, racing behind Kinka.

    Kinka suddenly becomes leader. Dusk thought ungratefully. She became a rogue because of the life of having a leader. She wanted to escape the life of liberty, but still have rules.

    And Kinka was brave.

    Way too brave.

    Dawn started to rustle and squeal.

    Dusk curled around the newborn. It was only right to let her go back to sleep.

    Soon, she was drifting off into another peaceful sleep.

    Duskpaw ran across the camp to greet Dawnpaw. Love soared in her heart as she saw her sister.

    “Dawnpaw!” She purred. “How was the evening hunt?”

    “It was fine. I brought back this gray squirrel,” Her sister purred.

    The squirrel was large and had pointy ears. Blood streamed from its neck, and its slender tail drooped. Dawnpaw dropped the squirrel on the pile and Duskpaw gasped as she saw the blue, lifeless eyes of a kit.

    “You killed a kit!” She shrieked.

    Dawnpaw turned to her with black eyes. “Rogues are dirty thieves who don’t deserve to live,” She said in a sweet tone.

    A shudder went down Duskpaw’s spine.

    A dark-gray body with lighter stripes was dragged in, their amber eyes lifeless as well.

    “Sliver!” Duskpaw cried. “No!”

    Shadestar jumped onto a rock. “Duskpaw, rogues are nasty and you need to respect the warrior code and StarClan,” He said in a sweet, revolting voice.

    All cats turned to her, sweet expressions on their faces with completely black eyes. “StarClan...Warriors’ Code...respect...” They chanted. In horror, Duskpaw leaped backward in fear.

    They came closer...and closer...yet until...

    Sliver was shaking Dusk awake. “Dusk, you have a visitor,” He said. Dawn had been suckling by the milk stains in the nest and was back asleep. “She’s been suckling since sunrise,” liver said. “Don’t worry, she’s full as a tick, and Frosty is going to check on her when she wakes up,” Sliver assured her.

    Dusk nodded her thanks and walked to the barn door. Every cat except for Echo, the kits, Sliver, and Vine were outside enjoying more sun.

    But still, as Dusk shook her dark gray fur, she noticed one more cat, her flame-colored fur gleaming in the sun. Her bright green eyes turned to Dusk, and at that moment, Dusk knew what she saw.

    “Dawnpaw?” She said, her voice full of wonder and awe.

    “Duskpaw!” Dawnpaw cheered.

    “Dusk,” Dusk whispered.

    “Oh, Duskpaw! It took me half a moon to get here!” Dawnpaw said, ignoring her sister.

    Dusk arched her back. “Listen; why are you here?” She hissed.

    Dawnpaw looked hurt. “We need you back at the Clan-” She began.

    “The kit-stealing Clan?” Dusk growled.

    “Huh?” Dawnpaw asked, confused.

    “You kitnapped Shark! The kit here,” She hissed.

    “No, we found a kit shivering with hunger and freezing to death,” Dawnpaw retorted.

    “Bring him back,” She hissed. “Bring him back or else!”

    “I smell the milk,” Dawnpaw stopped her. “From you.”

    “I have a kit now, Dawnpaw. And a mate. My whole life is in this barn,” She meowed, her voice full of grief. “You can’t hurt them.”

    “Please come home,” Dawnpaw begged.

    “This is her home,” Silver growled. “And you can’t take her.”

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Holy fish-sticks and guacamole, I didn't know this was still up. Hi, Warriors Cats hater. Wait, if you think Warriors are cringe, why are you here-?
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Warrior Cats are cringe
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Also, if you hate Sharktooth... *holds up Sharktooth* Slap this doll of him.

Sharktooth: 😭😭😭
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Sure! I'll try and make a few follow up stories, Cookie! What are your ideas, I'm excited to hear them!
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I hate Sharktooth. I feel so sorry for Goldenclaw. Also… I know it’s a no but can I suggest some oc’s for a story? I understand if u don’t want to but it’ll make my day :)
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Omg nooo Sharkpaw don’t!
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Hey guys...! I am taking a week of a break because I write every day and then edit and I have done this NONSTOP. So sorry, the stuff will not be coming out until next week.
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YAY! I finally posted the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun!
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Hey you guys! Anna here! I just got back from doing something, so I have written NOTHING AT ALL. Sorry! I am writing the next Black Continent story right now. Have a good night/day (wherever you are).