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Snow’Furs cry

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This is a fan-fiction based on Erin Hunter's Warriors series. It follows the elders that stayed in the original territories when the clans moved to the lake. Nothing that happens is canon, but how I thought it ended for these elders.

    It had been two sunrises after the clans left the forest “I need an apprentice to clean my nest!” Speckle’Tail grumbled. Frost’Fur rolled her eyes “We choose to stay behind, we’re all too old to travel that far!” Frost’Fur reassured her former clan-mate. A leaf fell from a tree landing on Loud’belly’s nose “We need proper dens!” The dark brown River’Clan elder complained. ‘How did I get stuck with a prickly River’Clan cat!’ Frost’Fur thought. “I’ll go gather some Moss and Braken!” Shade’Pelt croaked. “I’ll come!” Frost’Fur meowed, though her clan was gone didn’t mean she couldn’t perform her duty’s as a Clan’Cat! Sunshine flicked through Shade’Pelts dark grey fur “Maybe we should hunt” Frost’Fur meowed flicking her tail. “You hunt I’ll gather bedding, I’d rather fish!” Shade’pelt muttered walking off. Frost’Fur rolled her eyes she gazed about looking for any sort of prey that might still be it, all the trees and Braken were gone Frost’Fur sighed with grief “My Clanmates lived here and now there gone… now it’s all gone!” Frost’Fur muttered lashing her tail. Frost’Fur stalked back to camp, four piles of Moss and Braken were laid out. “You have already done Shade’Pelt?” Frost’Fur meowed “No, We thought she was out with you!” Loud’Belly growled standing up. “Then who gathered all the Moss!” Frost’Fur croaked, Shade’Pelt would be back soon and would be mad there was already piles of bedding! “Speckle’Tail did, she got tired of waiting!” Loud’Belly mewed pointing his tail to where the golden tabby was fast asleep in her new nest. Frost’Fur narrowed her eyes “Are we making the camp under this fallen tree?” Frost’Fur meowed staring at where the four nests were. “Where else would we go! The forest is gone” Speckle’Tail growled as she awoke. ‘Prickly old Badger!’ “Come take a nap, Shade’Pelt will be back soon I’m sure!” Loud’Belly’s purr came out as a rumble. Frost’Fur nodded and padded towards a nest that laid under the tree.


    “It’s been a moon and Shade’Pelt still isn’t back” Loud’Belly meowed shaking his ragged brown pelt that clung to his ribs. “We should all go look” Frost’Fur mewed lashing her white tail, ‘She must be lost’ Her eyes glowed at the thought that her friend would be safe, they were beginning to starve and Shade’Pelt and Loud’Belly could catch them fish, all they had was a few scrawny mice and voles and the occasional minnow. “I’m staying here in my nest” Speckle’Tail grumbled curling her tail over her nose and dozing off. Frost’Fur shook her head “We better get going” she croaked, Loud’Belly nodded and padded out of camp. Leaves crushed under Frost’Furs paws and her and Loud’Belly padded to where they had last seen the dark she-cat. “Follow her scent” Loud’Belly hissed before trotting on with his nose to the muddy ground. “The two legs are running everything!” Frost’Fur hissed looking at the ground where grass and trees used to grow, Loud’Belly ignored her and continued to follow his Clan-Mates tracks. “It meets with Two-Leg scent” Loud’Belly whispered before beginning to follow the Two’Leg paws, Frost’Fur sighed ‘Shade’Pelt was either dead or lost’ she thought her hollow blue eyes flashed with sadness for her friend. Soon enough they came to a Two’Leg nest. “We can’t go in there, I’m no kitty-pet” Frost’Fur hissed lashing her tail. “We must, For the sake of Shade’Pelt” Loud’Belly croaked before clumsily scrambling up the side of a fence. Frost’Fur grumbled and followed after him, her bones began to ache, ‘We need a medicine cat around here!’ Frost’Fur whispered to herself. As Loud’Belly and Frost’Fur padded across the top of the fence A dark grey she jumped to the windowsill and slammed her paws on the glass. “In there!” Frost’Fur gasped jumping to the window as Loud’Belly followed. “The two-legs got me, I’ll live as a kitty-pet for now” a muffled mew sounded from inside of the den. Frost’Fur shook her head ‘She will be safe there I guess…’ Frost’Fur grumbled silently and turned around to pad off. “No! Shade’Pelt your no Kitty-Pet!” Loud’Belly hissed, “They treat me well and we'll all join Star’Clan soon enough, it’s too dangerous to try to get me out!” Shade’Pelts muffled growl sounded from inside the den before she jumped away. “She can’t get out Loud’Belly! You mouse brain!” Frost’Fur meowed walking towards the camp, soon enough Loud’Belly followed hanging his head and tail


    “Really!” Speckle’Tail croaked as Frost’Fur told her the story about how Shade’Pelt was now a kitty-pet. “Maybe she’s with Fire’Hearts Two-Legs” Speckle’Tail meowed her gaze flickering to Loud’Belly. “It’s Fire’Star” Frost’Fur growled cuffing Speckle’Tail’s ear. ‘I live beside a bunch of feather hearts!’ Frost’Fur padded twoards her nest and sat down, she was too hungry to sleep but they had no luck finding prey. The river was drained and the forest was dry and empty of trees and prey. “I wonder how the clans are doing” Frost’Fur croaked trying to keep her thoughts away from the fact that they were all starving. “Probably better than us.” Loud’Belly flicked his tail over his ribs. Frost’Fur shook her head miserably, Loud’Belly was hardly more than bones and Speckle’Tail was severely dehydrated and forgetful! Frost’Fur stretched and let out a faint hiss as her stomach began to ache. “I’m getting some Moss, we need water” Frost’Fur murmured “No. have the apprentinces get it for us” Speckle’Tail murmured flicking her slim golden tail. “They are gone” Loud’Belly grumbled before Frost’Fur could open her jaws. “Yes, and you must be thirty” Frost’Fur meowed before leaping away, ‘I can’t bare to see Speckle’Tail like this!’ She thought. Frost’Fur quickly gather Moss and dipped it into a dirty puddle, ‘it was all that was left’ She thought miserably. “Good thing Lion’Heart isn’t here to suffer…” She whispered thinking of her mate that was slaughtered in battle. Stars glowed over Frost’Furs head as she awoke, Speckle’Tail was fidgeting. “Stop moving!” Loud’Belly hissed opening his eyes, “Yes, do you have a thorn in your nest!” Frost’Fur hissed. Speckle’Tail sat up “Snow’Kit?” She whispered looking ahead with joy. “Wha-?” Frost’Fur grumbled looking around. “Snow’Kit! One’Eye! I’m coming” Speckle’Tail purred staggering to her paws. “Speckle’Tail?” Frost’Fur meowed “I’m going to join our kin in Star’Clan” Speckle’Tail grumbled looking at Frost’Fur with cloudy amber eyes. “No, you are not” Frost’Fur growled. Suddenly Speckle’Tail flopped to the ground sending a dust cloud spinning around her. “Speckle’Tail!” Frost’Fur’s yowl echoed through the clearing, Loud’Belly stared at Speckle’Tail his eyes glittered with grief “She hunts with Star’Clan” Loud’Belly murmured stepping beside Frost’Fur. “B-But! We can’t lose her!” Frost’Fur wailed. Frost’Fur padded closer to her friend staring at the jagged rips that covered her pelt and her hollow glazed amber eyes. Frost’Fur held back a wail. “We should bury her in the morning after we sit vigil…” Loud’Belly croaked, Frost’Fur nodded as tears glimmered on her hollowed cheeks. Soon a Fox exploded into camp “Run!” Loud’Belly screeched, Loud’Belly scrambled away clumsily and Frost’Fur followed doing the same ‘we will not die this way!’


    It had been one moon after they moved to there new “Camp” they survived on small birds and scrawny mice still but they were still half starved. Frost’Fur flicked her tail and blinked her eyes open, she gasped with horror as a limp, skinny, sour scented brown pelt laid beside herbs. “Loud’Belly?” Frost’Fur gasped poking the Tom with a paw. Frost’Fur shuddered “No! I’m all alone! He’s dead?” Frost’Fur wailed as Loud’Belly flopped over when she poked his revealing hollow, blank, Green glazed eyes. Frost’Fur felt tears run down her face as she gripped his scruff In her jaws, he was almost weightless… after she sat a vigil for her last living friend she dug a grave and dropped the Tom in “Goodbye friend” she murmured, her blue eyes glittered with fear and grief of what would happen without any Clanmates. It had been three days after Loud’Belly’s passing and Frost’Fur was curled up in her nest, she felt herself go limp and Lion’Hearts golden tabby pelt appeared in front of her “Lion’Heart! Your here!” Frost’Fur purred rubbing her cheek on her mate “It’s time to join me” he purred

    Stars glimmered in her pelt as she padded after Lion’Heart into Star’Clan

    It had been several seasons since Frost’Fur passed. She sat beside Lion’Heart, Cinder’Pelt, Raven’Paw, Shade’Pelt, Speckle’Tail, Loud’Belly, Brindle’Face, And Dust’Pelt. Stars glimmered through their fur and though Frost’Fur was never buried she felt happy, happy that at last she was with Star’Clan were prey was endless and so was joy.

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