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Warriors elementals #1 FlameWhisper’s power

13 Chapter - 2.439 Words - Developed by:
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I am making a Warrior Cats series! Please wait for the next book to come out ( Warriors elementals #2 RiverMist’s flow).

    The elementals #1
    FlameWhisper’s Power
    By: Faraday P

    No” screamed FlamePaw. It can’t be… she can’t be gone! The fire closed in. He was alone. In his own world. At the darkest corner of his mind. No… no… nooo.

    FlameKit jumped around BloomThorn, his mom. His sister DawnKit joined him. “We’re going to be apprentices!” Meowed FlameKit excitedly. BloomThorn led her kits to the clearing while ShortStar jumped onto the high rock and yelled “ all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather below a high rock for a clan meeting!”. BloomThorn hushed her kits and waited. FlameKit was bouncing with excitement and he waited for ShortStar to start his speech. “ we have two kits becoming apprentices today” meowed ShortStar “ FlameKit and DawnKit, please come forward. FlameKit tried to be serious but he was jumping with excitement. FlameKit looked over at DawnKit. She was excited too. FlameKit and DawnKti stood beneath a high rock and looked up at their leader. “ DawnKit, from this day forward you shall be known as DawnPaw. Your mentor will be DustStorm.” DustStorm walked forward and he touched his nose to DawnPaw’s. “FlameKit, from this day forward you shall be known as FlamePaw. Your mentor will be BigFoot.” FlamePaw stood on his toes reaching for BigFoot nose. He touched it and sat down near the other apprentices. “ Congratulations” whispered CrescentPaw who was made an apprentice a quarter moon ago. The meeting ended and the other apprentices helped FlamePaw and his sister make beds in their new den.

    Two moons later FlamePaw and DawnPaw were very good hunters and fighters. They had more training to do but they were almost done. FlamePaw woke up and heard scared cats outside; he stood straight up, ready to help. His den was empty except for DawnPaw who was waking up. “DawnPaw! Somethings happening” FlamePaw meowed. DawnPaw jumped up and they ran outside together. Fire. Fire in the camp. FlamePaws vision blurred but he cleared his mind. He ran to the nursery and grabbed a kit. The kit's mother, YellowBranch, grabbed her other kit and they ran out of the camp. FlamePaw put the kit next to YellowBranch and he ran back into camp. He ran to the medicine den and helped GoldenWish with the herbs. Luckily, they saved most of the herbs. FlamePaw ran into the camp looking around for anyone else stuck in the fire. BloomThorn. She was surrounded by fire, closing in. “NO” screamed FlamePaw. DawnPaw was beside him. FlamePaw ran toward the fire. DawnPaw tried to stop him but she was too slow. The fire split for him. The fire listened to him. He commanded it. It could feel his pain. He ran towards his mother. No. He was too late. The fire consumed BloomThorn. Just before the fire reached her, she had a look of love in her eyes. It was gone. “NO NO NO NOOOOOO” FlamePaw screamed. He sank to his knees. All the fire was extinguished. BloomThorn was gone. DawnPaw was beside him. crying with him. All of the warriors were staring at the places the fire was. It was like it was never there. Nothing burnt. Except for BloomThorn. Dead.

    The next day FlamePaw awoke. He skipped the vigil for BloomThorn the night before. He didn't want to get up but he did. The day before was a blur. Some warriors stared at him and backed away like he was contagious. Some curiously studied him. The deputy, FernStalk, carefully walked up to him and said “ShortStar would like to see you”. FlamePaw slowly walked to ShortStar’s den. He took a deep breath and entered the den. “You wanted to see me?” He asked. “Yes,” said ShortStar who was sitting in his nest “You are powerful”. “I-i guess” stammered FlamePaw. “How did you do it?” ShortStar asked calmly. “It’s like I commanded the fire…” FlamePaw responded. The memory flashed into his mind. BloomThorn. Death. Fire. “Well you acted like a warrior trying to get everyone safely out of the camp,” said ShortStar. ShortStar stood and pasted FlamePaw heading out of the den. FlamePaw followed him. ShortStar leaped onto the high rock and yelled “all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather below the high rock for a clan meeting. FlamePaw sat in between his sister DawnPaw on his left and CrescentMoon, a newly made warrior, on his right. “We have two apprentices being made warriors today,” ShortStar said. FlamePaw and DawnPaw’s eyes widened. “FlamePaw and DawnPaw please step forward.” They slowly stepped forward. “BigFoot and DustStorm, have your apprentices been trained well?” “Yes,” they responded. ShortStar looked down on the apprentices “FlamePaw and DawnPaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your clan with your life?” “Yes,” they responded together. “DawnPaw, from this day forward you shall be known as DawnWolf. You will be known for support and empathy.” He looked at FlamePaw. “FlamePaw, from this day forward you shall be known as FlameWhisper for your ability to command flames. You shall be known for your strength and your power.” Slowly the clan started chanting “FlameWhisper! DawnWolf! FlameWhisper! DawnWolf!”

    FlameWhisper made his nest next to DawnWolf’s and CrescentMoon’s. He laid down in his nest and went to sleep. Nightmares of fire and BloomThorn surrounded him. He woke up early in the morning. He needed to go to the lake. He ran out of thunderclan's camp and headed to the lake. He sat beside it and watched the water. He took a deep breath and thought of his nightmares slowly. His body got warmer and warmer. A small flame appeared in front of him. He stared at it. He tossed it in between his paws. It didn't burn him. The flames were dancing in his paws. “Interesting,” a voice said behind him. He snuffed out the flame and turned around. There was CrescentMoon and ShortStar. “Very interesting,” ShortStar said. “We came because I was worried about you,” said CrescentMoon “you rushed out of your nest”. FlameWhisper could tell she was blushing beneath her fur. “So you can create fire?” ShortStar cut in. “I-i guess” FlameWhisper stammered. “Come” responded ShortStar. FlameWhisper followed and CrescentMoon trailed behind. They took a long journey through the woods until they reached a big rocky cavern. ShortStar disappeared inside of it. FlameWhisper took a deep breath and went down into the tunnel.

    Touch your nose to the water” ShortStar whispered “isn’t this the moonpool?” FlameWhisper asked. “Just touch your nose to the water,” ShortStar said. FlameWhisper laid down next to the water and put his nose into it. He awoke in a star-y land. A cat with a pelt the color of the fire stood in front of him. It was the legendary FireStar! He had stars in his pelt and SandStorm, his mate, stood next to him. FlameWhisper dipped his head in respect. “Hello. We have been waiting for you” FireStar meowed. Suddenly another cat appeared. It was a multi-colored she-cat and her pelt was ragged. A black mist surrounded her. “Get out of here MapleShade” hissed FireStar. “But I wanted to get a look at this fabulous cat,” meowed MapleShade calmly. “interesting. I heard you can make fire. You could help us, you know ``'' no he can’t” hissed FireStar “you’re evil and he has a prophecy ``'' wait… I have a prophecy.” Interrupted FlameWhisper. “Really? A prophecy? Starclan always does those” laughed MapleShade. SandStorm looked ready to pounce on her. “Oop. That’s my cue to go” said MapleShade nervously. She rushed away into the trees. FireStar looked at FlameWhisper “combined the five roots of the other clans. They will help fight an unknown power. Find the misty river first. Then find the blind dark vine. Next, find the rushing wind and then find the cloud in the sky” FireStar said in a raspy voice. “Wait what?” FlameWhisper asked. Then everything went dark.

    FlameWhisper ran back to the camp and into his nest. He sat there thinking about what happened with FireStar and the Prophecy. He jumped up. “I got it” he yelled. The other warriors sleeping in the den shushed him. He ran out of the den and bumped into CrescentMoon. “Got what?” She asked. “The prophecy FireStar game me” he whispered. CrescentMoon’s eyes widened. She took a deep breath. “This might be a bad time to ask but…” she took a deep breath and said “I really love you FlameWhisper. I want to be your mate and help you with the prophecy” she looked at her paws. FlameWhisper was surprised and overjoyed “I-i love you to CrescentMoon” he whispered. He had been hiding it since he was an apprentice. CrescentMoon moon rubbed against him and they walked out of the camp to start the quest.

    FlameWhisper headed towards RiverClan with CrescentMoon. It was the farthest away but he knew he had to go there because FireStar said to find the misty river first. Then he probably had to go to ShadowClan, Windclan, and lastly Skyclan in that order. CrowStar was probably the most welcoming of the leaders so they decided to journey through Windclan. They hoped they wouldn’t meet any Windclan patrols. They crossed Thunderclan’s border to Windclan and watched for patrols. “There is a patrol coming” whispered FlameWhisper to CrescentMoon. The patrol walked up to them. Oh no. CrowStar was leading it. CrowStar stepped in front of FlameWhisper and CrescentMoon stopping them. “Are you trespassing?” Boomed CrowStar. “No,” FlameWhisper said boldly “we are heading to Riverclan for a prophecy”. CrowStar looked up at the sky. “It’s getting late. You can take shelter at our camp for a night”. The patrol behind him murmured in protest but went silent when CrowStar shot them a look. FlameWhisper and CrescentMoon walked into the Windclan camp and the cats there started talking. HootWhisker, the Windclan deputy, gave them prey and set up a tiny den they could sleep in. FlameWhisper and CrescentMoon thanked HootWhisker and they went to bed.

    FlameWhisper awoke in the morning well-rested. They gave them more prey and the medicine cat, SmoothBark, gave them traveling herbs. “I don’t want to travel through Windclan territory. Can we travel off the territory?” Said CrescentMoon“Of course,” said FlameWhisper. They went off Windclan territory and headed towards Riverclan. They started to get close to some twoleg nests. “I have a bad feeling about this” whispered CrescentMoon “me too” FlameWhisper whispered back. They heard a yowl behind them. A grown female twoleg! “Run!” Yowled CrescentMoon. They raced away and CrescentMoon was falling behind. “Leave me” s said CrescentMoon “never” FlameWhisper replied. The female twoleg grabbed hold of CrescentMoon and a male twoleg joined the chase. The male grabbed hold of FlameWhisper. CrescentMoon and FlameWhisper clawed and scratched at the twolegs but they didn't let go. They put them in a cage and brought them into their den. After trying to get out, FlameWhisper was tired out and he fell into a dreamless sleep.

    FlameWhisper awoke, looked around. The Twolegs weren’t a dream. But the door to his cage was open. He peeked out and there was a room. The only door out of it was closed. There was a cage near him. He slowly walked over and looked in. CrescentMoon was lying there, starting to stir. “Wake up!” FlameWhisper said while nudging CrescentMoon awake. “What happened?” CrescentMoon asked while jumping up “Oh… those fox hearted twolegs.”. “Yeah” replied FlameWhisper “but we have to escape and find the cat in Riverclan.” FlameWhisper looked around “there is a handle for a door over there,” he said. “We have to open it!” Said CrescentMoon. She ran forward and jumped on a cabinet. She spun around and leaped on the doorknob and it spun and the door swung open. “Wow” Said FlameWhisper. “I know” puffed CrescentMoon.
    They look out the door and creep into a different room. “Over there” whispered CrescentMoon and she pointed her muzzle towards a piece on a door. “A cat door”. She ran towards it and FlameWhisper followed. They pushed through it and the sun warmed their fur. “These are the twoleg dens near Riverclan!” FlameWhisper said and they ran toward the Riverclan territory.

    They reached the start of Riverclan territory from the back. “Here we are,” Said CrescentMoon. A hiss sounded behind them. “You're not going anywhere,” said a dark brown tom who jumped out of the bushes behind them. Many other cats walked out of the undergrowth around them. Their claws were out and they looked ready to attack. “This is our territory. You are trespassing” the dark brown tom said. “We’re sorry we just want to get into Riverclan” said FlameWhisper. “But you’re here now.” Said a black she-cat who stood next to the tom who was speaking. “ATTACK” the tom yelled. The cats jumped on top of FlameWhisper and CrescentMoon and pushed them to the ground. Suddenly, the weight got pulled off of them and they heard yells of surprise. “And don’t come back,” said a voice above them. FlameWhisper pushed himself up. He looked around and CrescentMoon was already up. “PebbleStar?” FlameWhisper asked. There was a Riverclan patrol near them! PebbleStar was leading!

    FlameWhisper curled up next to CrescentMoon in their make-shift den in the Riverclan camp. CrescentMoon and FlameWhisper explained everything and PebbleStar and the medicine cat, StreamWhisker. They were staying in Riverclan until they found the cat. FlameWhisper was keeping an eye on one apprentice. Her name was RiverPaw. He had a feeling something was important about her. Could she be the one?

    Thank you for reading this fanfiction and I will am making Warriors elementals #2 RiverMists flow!

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This is awesome. Good writing btw.
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This is amazing! Just wondering if this is based off of The Elements Rise by chance?