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The Night of the 15395's

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I know the name is stupid and weird, but the story is a scary one, about a boyfriend and girlfriend living there regular lives... Until a horrible event rises from history.

    Millie sat down next to her boyfriend, Peter, on the couch in the living room. Peter was quiet, petting their 1-month-old orange and white tabby kitten, Ginger. "Okay, Peter, you win! What's wrong?" Millie begged, taking his hand. "Nothing is wrong, Millie," Peter answered quietly, picking up Ginger as he mewed. "Something is totally wrong, and you know it. Just tell me!" Millie whined. "Do you really want to know? You're going to think it's stupid." Peter said, looking into Millie's gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes. "Of course I want to know! I don't care if it's stupid, if it makes you upset, it's my concern!" Millie answered. "Alright. Well, we love Ginger so, so much. But I think it would be better if we got another kitten, that grey and white tabby one we saw next to Ginger." Peter explained. "Why? What does Ginger not have that his brother does?" Millie asked, a hint of disgust and confusion in her voice. "Well... You know... Ginger has a problem with his lungs, and... He can't breathe easy after running around a lot, you know that, babe..." Peter sighed. "Ginger having a problem with his lungs is exactly the reason why we need to keep him and take care of him! If we take him back to the shelter, imagine what an effect of our character it would have on us! Not wanting a handsome little kitten just because he has a little lung problem! I don't think so." Millie grunted. "But, Millie, babe, Ginger can die from his lung problem... And I just don't want you to be really sad about it..." Peter mumbled, getting a little closer to Millie. "And you think I won't be sad if we got rid of Ginger!" Millie cried. "No, I-" But it was too late. Millie got up and ran to their bedroom.

    "So what if Ginger has a lung problem?" Millie mumbled to herself as she laid on the bed and hugged her pillow. "Ginger is just as good as his brother. Maybe even better. Grey is the color of ash and stone. Orange is the color of oranges and the sun!" Suddenly, Millie heard a scratching sound coming from outside the window, in the flower garden. "Kitten?" Millie said, and hopped up from the bed and opened the window. Something was rustling around in her lilies, but Millie couldn't see. She ran out of the room, down the stairs, through the living room, and opened the door to the backyard. When she closed the door, the creature ran away instantly, too fast for Millie to see what it was. She looked through the lilies and found little paw steps. "Those aren't kitten paws," Millie said to herself, went inside, and called Tinna, her animal-expert friend. "So, do you know what it was?" Millie asked. "No. I have never seen this kind of footprint from any animal. I will have to do some investigating, do you mind if I gather some samples and head back to my house to do some research?" Tinna asked. Tinna made money off of tracking wild animals or pets, but when she finds something she has never seen before, she investigates for free. "So... Why is Tinna here, going to the yard, then going to her house, then going back to the yard, and on and on?" Peter asked when Millie came back inside. "I heard some scratching noises coming from outside the window a little while ago, and I went outside to see what it was. It ran away but left footprints. Tinna doesn't know what the animal was, so she's getting some samples to find out For free!" Millie smiled. An hour later, Tinna had the results. "Alright, Millie, I believe I have done enough research to go on. The animal is a mammal, but strangely enough, it gets its blood from its prey, and more prey increases its size. I think this animal is some sort of... Monster, I dare say it." Tinna explained.

    "Monster? You don't believe in monsters, Tinna. What makes you think it's a monster?" Peter asked. "It's hard to explain. But, when it scratched on your wall, and you heard it, it was actually looking to suck your blood. It sensed it and wanted it. It was not scratching to get your attention, it was trying to climb up to your window and enter your house." Tinna said. After Tinna left, Peter and Millie got into bed. "Millie... You realize what happened today, don't you?" Peter asked her. "A creature tried to kill me and suck my blood?" Millie replied, trembling. "Not only that, but we discovered a new animal that could wipe out all things with breath until there's no one left but them." Peter sighed. Suddenly, the two scared lovers heard the sound of their door being smashed into pieces. They gasped and grabbed onto each other tightly, trembling. "Millie, no matter what happens to us, remember our love will never die, even as we do!" Peter whispered, grabbing her tighter until their bodies were as smashed together as they could be. "Peter, we're going to die here..." Millie said, tears trickling down her cheeks. "Don't worry, Millie. We're going to die together." Peter said as they heard the creatures running up the stairs, and soon, they broke down the door. Before the two lovers were devoured and killed, they joined lips. Everything soon went into darkness, and they both knew that their lives had ended.

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319 days ago
This was all done based on a argument that happened to me and my boyfriend Peter last week, and everything is 100% true!!!... Except for the dying, and the monster, and the scratching, and the Tinna coming over to discover a new creature. But Tinna is really a explorer on a search for animals, and can help find lost pets and wild animals, too.