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All about the founders of the Warrior Clans

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Learn about Shadowstar, Thunderstar, Skystar, Windstar and Riverstar, the founders of the Warrior Clans!

Shadowstar was the first leader of ShadowClan in the forest territories. Originally known as Tall Shadow, she was born in the Ancient Tribe and had a brother, Moon Shadow. She was one of the first to agree to leave the mountains, and after Shaded Moss' death on the journey, she took over as leader of the group. Tall Shadow made her camp on the moor and was distrustful of strangers, turning away those who wished to join. After Moon Shadow's death, she willingly stepped down from leadership, handing it to Gray Wing; however, she and Gray Wing later became co-leaders of the group.

During a deadly battle against Clear Sky's group, Tall Shadow wasn't hesitant to kill in order to survive, which resulted in her in killing Fircone. Once the groups began to split, she chose to live in the pines, and her group was renamed ShadowClan. Tall Shadow received her nine lives and became Shadowstar; however, after becoming suspicious of Quick Water and her attempts to kill her, Shadowstar started a battle between the Clans. Shadowstar and Quick Water killed each other, making her the first leader to lose her nine lives, and ascended to StarClan.

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