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Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun #5

5 Chapter - 1.175 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 187 taken-The story is currently being written

Duskmoon, Goldenpaw, Sharkpaw, Crowfang, and Cinderstream are kidnapped by rogues. How will they escape?

    Duskmoon growled at the cats, trying to get them to free Shark.

    Goldenpaw’s eyes shone with fear as the warriors held her back from leaping into attack.

    Sharkpaw’s eyes were shining in pain, and he tried to communicate with them.

    Suddenly, Hawkfrost flicked his tail and Stripepaw, Cobweb, Rabbit, Shadow, and Blood leaped in attack.

    Bluepool screeched when her face was torn.

    Zebrastripe let out a cry when his ear was ripped.

    Duskmoon noticed Goldpaw who was leaping towards Sharkpaw.

    Immediately Hawkfrost scratched her eye and hard. She screeched and stumbled backwards, falling out of the tree and onto another branch.

    “Retreat!” Shadestar hissed.

    Duskmoon yanked Goldenpaw back up, but it was too late.

    Hawkfrost, Blood, and Stripepaw yanked them higher into the trees and through some vines. The cats dug their claws into their scruffs and whammed them onto the branches until both cats were knocked out.

    Duskmoon woke up in the top of some trees.

    The dark eeriness of the night didn’t feel right to her.

    She noticed that there were small huts all around her. There were several cats padding around the branches.

    Two came over.

    Duskmoon recognized one as Blood but didn’t recognize the pale one, who was pregnant.

    Blood paced around her and whispered to the pale she-cat.

    She whispered something along the lines of “Don’t...no one...” and padded off.

    “Alright, clan cat,” He growled. “We can do this easily, you listening to me, or hard, meaning I will knock you back out.”

    Duskmoon growled but winced, her head still in pain.

    “Okay,” Blood said. “Me and my mate, Sandy, and sister, Tulip, are going to free you and your little friends.”

    “What’s the cost?” Duskmoon growled.

    “You let us into ThunderClan,” Blood hissed.

    Duskmoon hesitated. This had to be a trap.

    But Goldenpaw...and Sharkpaw...

    “Alright,” She agreed.

    She knew this was the worst decision of her life.

    Goldenpaw groaned and woke up, seeing a she-cat about her age with a flower behind her ear right next to her.

    “Hi! I’m Tulip, and I have an offer,” she said.

    “Uh...what?” Goldenpaw murmured.

    “So, me and my brother, Blood, and his mate, Sandy, can free you and your friends in return for living in ThunderClan with you guys,” She said. “We can help in the fight against the rogues and the Dark Forest.”

    Goldenpaw groaned. “Sure...” She murmured. She shook herself. “Wait, what?”

    “Well, living here is pretty horrible,” Tulip admitted.

    “How?” Goldenpaw asked.

    “Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are forcing us to do stuff,” Tulip said sadly.

    She leaned into Goldenpaw’s ear.

    “Sandy’s kits can’t live here,” She whispered worriedly.

    “Okay,” Goldenpaw said. “Where’s my mother?”

    Tulip led Goldenpaw to Duskmoon, who was staring at Sharkpaw, who was healing nicely, wounds clean and coated by Duskmoon.

    “Mom!” Goldenpaw cried. She ran up to Duskmoon.

    “My baby!” She whispered. Duskmoon curled around her.

    Duskmoon had also been healing Crowfang and Cinderstream.

    Goldenpaw sighed a little.

    “Mom, I promised-” she said.

    “I know,” Duskmoon whispered. “I did too.”


    Sharkpaw groaned and woke up.

    His entire body ached.

    He looked around. Was he home?

    He shook his fur out, seeing several blurry cats.

    “Sharkpaw!” Someone cried and raced towards him. A golden she-cat was purring and wrapped her tail around his.

    “Get off of me!” He scowled, wiggling free.

    “Sh-sharkpaw?” The she-cat asked, surprised.

    “I SAID STAY AWAY!” He snapped.

    The golden she-cat looked hurt and a gray she-cat came up.

    “Sharkpaw, your awake!” She said happily.

    How do they know my name? Sharkpaw thought.

    A gray and white she-cat and black and white tom came over.

    “We heard about your plan,” The gray one said.

    “We want to help and come,” The black one said.

    A small she-cat smiled. “Sure! I didn't peg you two as ones who would do this though, Ally and Ziggy.”

    “This place is a dump,” The black cat snarled.

    “What plan?” Sharkpaw hissed. “WHO ARE YOU CATS!”

    The gray she-cat looked confused then sad.

    “Oh...” She said. “He’s...lost his memory.”

    Goldenpaw let out a small noise of fear.

    Poor Sharkpaw...

    But it hurt her that he couldn’t remember her.

    And she knew it was all her fault.

    Because she ran away, Sharkpaw got caught.

    Because he got caught, he was hurt.

    Because he was hurt, he lost his memory.

    But maybe this was a chance to start fresh.

    “Hi, Sharkpaw,” She whispered. “My name is Goldenpaw and you are a member of ThunderClan. I am a permanent Queen of our Clan.”

    Duskmoon smiled softly. “I’m Duskmoon, current medicine cat of ThunderClan and mother of Goldenpaw,” She said.

    The gray she-cat smiled. “I’m Ally, this is my brother Ziggy. And these are Tulip, Blood, and Sandy,” She said. “We’ll be helping in the fight against ShadowClan and the Dark Forest.”

    “All we have to do is kill the ShadowClan leader and Dark Forest leaders,” Duskmoon whispered.

    As night fell, Blood flicked his tail.

    “There’s an entrance over there,” He murmured. “We should head out.”

    Sandy nodded.

    “Let’s go,” Ziggy whispered.

    Goldenpaw looked at Sharkpaw and suddenly saw the way he was looking at Tulip.

    She felt a surge of jealousy fire through her.

    Was the new Sharkpaw in love with Tulip and not her?

    She had to find out...

    Hey guys! Once we get 50 views, I'll make the final book!

    Thanks for reading!:)

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150 days ago
Holy fish-sticks and guacamole, I didn't know this was still up. Hi, Warriors Cats hater. Wait, if you think Warriors are cringe, why are you here-?
225 days ago
Warrior Cats are cringe
651 days ago
Also, if you hate Sharktooth... *holds up Sharktooth* Slap this doll of him.

Sharktooth: 😭😭😭
651 days ago
Sure! I'll try and make a few follow up stories, Cookie! What are your ideas, I'm excited to hear them!
654 days ago
I hate Sharktooth. I feel so sorry for Goldenclaw. Also… I know it’s a no but can I suggest some oc’s for a story? I understand if u don’t want to but it’ll make my day :)
654 days ago
Omg nooo Sharkpaw don’t!
676 days ago
Hey guys...! I am taking a week of a break because I write every day and then edit and I have done this NONSTOP. So sorry, the stuff will not be coming out until next week.
684 days ago
YAY! I finally posted the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun!
696 days ago
Hey you guys! Anna here! I just got back from doing something, so I have written NOTHING AT ALL. Sorry! I am writing the next Black Continent story right now. Have a good night/day (wherever you are).