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Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun #6 (FINALE)

7 Chapter - 2.719 Words - Developed by:
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When Duskmoon and her family return to ThunderClan, they don't expect what they see...

    Duskmoon raced into the forest, tasting out where ThunderClan could be. Surprisingly, she found nothing.

    “I can’t smell or hear anything!” Duskmoon cried, sitting down in anger.

    Sharkpaw looked confused. “Where are we?” He asked.

    Tulip looked at him. “Amazing. What blow did they land on him?” She asked, shocked.

    Ziggy shrugged. “I don't know,” He murmured.

    Ally flicked her tail and licked her paws. “Me neither.”

    “Shut up everyone,” Blood hissed.

    “Where are we, seriously?” Crowfang whispered.

    Cinderstream shrugged. “I recognize the territory... but not the smells...” She whispered.

    Tulip stopped and sniffed. “Ew,” She sniffed. “That smell...”

    “It smells like rotting meat,” Sandy said. “Are you sure this is safer for my kits?”

    Duskmoon stopped. “The Dark Forest!” She screeched. “We have to go!”

    Goldenpaw scrunched up next to Sharkpaw who inched away and a bit closer to Tulip.

    Duskmoon looked at her daughter who seemed crushed.

    “What’s the Dark Forest?” Ziggy hissed.

    “Run!” Duskmoon yowled. She pelted into the forest, all nine cats following her.

    Duskmoon recognized the camp, just a little bit. It was destroyed.

    Nonetheless, she led them in for coverage.

    “Duskmoon!” Some cat yowled and tumbled down the rocks.

    It was her father.

    “Shadestar,” Duskmoon hissed.

    “My sweet daughter-” Shadestar whispered.

    “Don’t ‘my sweet daughter me’!” She hissed. “This is the second time ThunderClan has abandoned me!”

    “My kit-” Shadestar started again.

    “SHUT UP!” She growled. “My kit could have died! ALL OF US COULD HAVE!”

    “Oh, and in return, you brought a gang of rogues for us to feed!” Shadestar spat.

    Blood hissed, and his eyes flashed deep red.

    “What-” Shadestar gasped and then stumbled backward, hissing in agony.

    Duskmoon looked at Blood who looked angry.

    “You should shut up, old cat,” He growled. “Your daughter deserves better.”

    Duskmoon looked up at Blood and smiled. “Thanks,” She whispered.

    “No problem,” The tom whispered back.

    Dawnsun rushed out of the nursery and wrapped herself around her sister. “What happened!” She cried.

    “The patrol abandoned us. Sharkpaw lost his memory,” She growled. “Crowfang and Cinderstream are still extremely hurt,” Duskmoon explained.

    “The rogues are working with the Dark Forest and ShadowClan just as well,” Goldenpaw hissed.

    “The rogues have offered help if we provide them a new home,” Duskmoon hissed.

    “For example,” Sandy said. “They will sleep in the day and wake in the night.”

    “Perfect,” Shadestar murmured.

    Goldenpaw flicked her tail. “Anyway,” She grumbled. “We should get WindClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan.”

    “Why?” Shadestar hissed.

    “Because it’s a part of the code for Clans to help each other!” Duskmoon snarled. “Or has ThunderClan just fallen to not respect it anymore!”

    “You can talk, rogue!” Shadestar yowled.

    “AT LEAST ROGUES RESPECT THEIR CHILDREN!” Duskmoon scowled back at him.

    Shadestar seemed taken aback. “At least we know the code that prevents us from talking back to leaders,” He spat.

    “I’m going to do something that probably hasn’t recently been done,” Duskmoon growled. “I’m exiling myself from ThunderClan.”

    “You can’t-!” Shadestar gasped.

    “I’ll help in the battle, but then I’m leaving,” Duskmoon growled. ‘I’m going back to the barn to help repair it. It had a horrible flood.”

    “Fine,” Shadestar hissed. “It’s not like you will be missed.”

    “I don’t have to help you,” She growled. “You're lucky I’m still here.”

    “I’m going too,” Dawnsun said. “My kits can’t grow up here.”

    “Nor can mine,” Sandy said. “I’m going with Duskmoon.”

    “If Sandy’s going, as will I,” Blood growled.

    Goldenpaw stepped forward. “I’m going with my mother,” She said bravely. “I won’t take on a forced role.”

    “I’m going then, too,” Tulip said.

    “Me too,” Sharkpaw said. “I was told it was my real home.”

    “Then it’s settled,” Duskmoon said. “I’m returning to my home with these cats after the battle.”

    I hope I can see Silver again, she thought.

    Goldenpaw sighed.

    “So, I guess I’m going back to my birthplace?” She asked Duskmoon.

    “Yes,” Duskmoon murmured.

    “Cats of ThunderClan!” Shadestar growled. “Today we are going to split into patrols and ask SkyClan, RiverClan, and WindClan for help against the rogues, ShadowClan, and the Dark Forest.”

    “About time!” Ashfrost yowled grumpily.

    Shadestar gave him a swift glare to shut him up.

    “I would like Duskmoon, Goldenpaw, Sharkpaw, Tulip, and Blood to go to SkyClan for help. Ashfrost, Brightpaw, Nutpaw, and Tawnylion will ask for RiverClan’s help,” Shadestar said. “Cloudpaw, Gingkoroot, and Zebrastripe will go to WindClan with a smaller patrol since WindClan is much smaller.”

    Goldenpaw looked up. “Excuse me, but aren’t I a ‘permanent queen’?” She scowled.

    “Yes, but nonetheless, you must go,” Shadestar hissed. “Given you won’t be a ThunderClan cat anymore.”

    Goldenpaw growled angrily.

    “It’s okay,” Sharkpaw said. He touched his tail gently to Goldenpaw’s shoulder.

    Goldenpaw felt her muzzle go red and smiled at him shyly.

    Tulip nodded. “Let’s follow your mother,” She said.

    “Good idea, Tulip,” Sharkpaw said.

    The three of them ran after Duskmoon and the other cats to get to SkyClan.

    Goldenpaw trailed after her mother into SkyClan territory.

    She took a deep breath as they entered the camp.

    “Intruders!” Lunarstar yowled.

    “ThunderClan! What are you doing in our camp?”

    “Lunastar,” Duskmoon said respectfully. “We have come to ask for help.”

    Lunastar nodded. “With what?”

    “We are in the middle of a nightmare,” Goldenpaw said.

    “How so?” Lunastar murmured.

    “ShadowClan has teamed up with the Dark Forest and the rogues,” Duskmoon said. “We need to stop them. Our camp has been destroyed...”

    Lunastar seemed confused. “ShadowClan? Really? They’ve been normal,” Lunastar said. “Are you sure-”

    “Positive,” Sharkpaw said.

    “How much help do you need?” Lunastar asked.

    “We are merely asking for a few patrols to help us fight,” Tulip said.

    “Besides, they could be a danger to SkyClan too,” Duskmoon said.

    Lunastar looked at her paws and sighed.

    “Fine...” Lunastar said. “Quillfeather, Winterstorm, Bluenight, Boulderflower, Petalpaw, Nightpaw, and Dirtpaw will go.”

    Winterstorm nodded and followed the ThunderClan patrol out.

    “This better not be a trick,” he said. “You know what a gullible leader my sister is.”

    Sharkpaw glared at him. He scowled.

    “Let’s go,” Sharkpaw said.

    The cats ran after Duskmoon who was in the lead.

    Sharkpaw looked around.

    Was this a good idea?

    Dawnsun stretched and nuzzled her kits who were mewling and wrestling each other.

    She noticed her sister returning with the SkyClan patrol.

    “Duskmoon!” She purred. “So, it was successful?”

    “Yes,” Duskmoon said. “Are any of the others back?”

    “Gingkoroot’s patrol is,” Dawnsun purred. “They were also successful.”

    Gingkoroot padded over to his mate and nuzzled her.

    “Gingkoroot,” Dawnsun said. “I want you to come to the barn with us.”

    Gingkoroot’s eyes saddened.

    “Dawnsun-” He started, then sighed and shook his head. “I... I can’t. I have family here.”

    Dawnsun nodded and tried to overcome the sadness gnawing at her heart.

    Duskmoon curled up next to her.

    Then they heard a yowl of agony and fear.

    “What in StarClan’s name was that!” Duskmoon hissed.

    Nutpaw ran into camp, yowling and crying.

    “RiverClan is under attack!” He cried.

    Petalpaw ran up to him. “By who!” He asked.

    “The Dark Forest...” The apprentice cried.

    Petalpaw curled his tail around Nutpaw’s.

    “We have to help them!” Heatherleaf of WindClan cried.

    “Gather the leaders!” Flickerclaw yowled.

    “We have to go! Now!”

    Goldenpaw raced beside the Clan members.

    Once again, a Dark Forest battle had brought the five Clans together.

    Or apart...

    ...they had to help Moonstar!

    Lunastar and Silverstar were right behind Shadestar.

    Spiderstar, the RiverClan leader, ran out.

    “Nutpaw-!” She growled. “Why did you bring more cats into this?”

    “Leave him alone!” Petalpaw hissed “We’re here to help!”

    Spiderstar snarled but didn’t reject.

    The cats raced into the battle.

    “There are four ShadowClan members!” Silverstar growled.

    “Only a few Dark Forest members,” Goldenpaw snarled.

    The cats leaped into battle and Goldenpaw noticed Petalpaw and Nutpaw fighting side by side.

    That’s sweet, Goldenpaw thought.

    “They would be cute mates,” Duskmoon purred while fighting a black tom.

    Goldenpaw nodded.

    “I don’t care if it’s against the code,” She agreed.

    The cats immediately retreated and the Clans were victorious.

    “We have to get to the rogue’s base,” Blood said.

    Shadestar nodded.

    “Five SkyClan warriors will come,” Lunastar said.

    “Six RiverClan warriors will go,” Spiderstar offered.

    “Four WindClan warriors will go,” Silverstar said.

    “The rogues and the ThunderClan patrol that went to SkyClan will go,” Shadestar said.

    While the patrols were settled, a giant one was formed.

    Goldenpaw smiled, then looked at Sharkpaw curling his tail around Tulip’s.

    A pang of jealousy shocked her.

    She turned her attention to Petalpaw and Nutpaw again. They seemed happier than ever to be together.

    She looked at her paws and tears rolled down her cheeks as she padded back into camp.

    She felt horrible despite the victory that the Clans just had.

    Duskmoon raced out of camp and looked for a way into the trees.

    “Slow down, I’m leading this patrol,” Blood said.

    Duskmoon growled.

    “We just have to go now though!” She hissed.

    “Chill,” A RiverClan cat snorted.

    “You don’t want to blow our cover?” A WindClan cat hissed.

    Blood flicked his tail to shut them up.

    “Let’s go,” He said.

    “Clan cats!” A cat hollered.

    “Rogues! You ShadowClan, and the Dark Forest have been hurting ThunderClan and the others for much too long!” Duskmoon hollered.

    “It’s time you are defeated!” A RiverClan cat shouted. “Surrender now and you won’t have to fight.”

    Suddenly, a giant cat with tiger stripes appeared and yowled.

    “ShadowClan! Rogues! Dark Forest! Attack!” He yowled.

    Duskmoon’s eyes widened as she saw cats coming out from all sides.

    “Nutpaw! Get the other Clan members!” Blood ordered.

    Nutpaw nodded and raced off.

    “Everybody get into battle positions!” Duskmoon called.

    “Cats of the Clans! ATTACK!”

    Goldenpaw leaped into the fight and immediately started fighting two cats.

    Goldenpaw glared into a cat the size of a monster.

    “Your friends have hurt the Clans for too long!” She snarled.

    She growled and started swiping at his eyes, but he dodged.

    Goldenpaw growled.

    She knew she hadn’t been properly trained.

    Maybe if she looked menacing, he would go away.

    But it was no use.

    Suddenly, a flash of dark silver-and-gray fur blurred her vision.

    The large tom howled in pain and raced off.

    Goldenpaw looked into Sharkpaw’s eyes.

    “Thanks!” She said,

    Thank StarClan he remembered how to fight.

    “No problem,” Sharkpaw said.

    Together the two cats leaped back into the fight.

    Goldenpaw tried to follow the code and not hurt too horribly or kill...

    ...but it wasn’t working.

    They were fighting rogues for StarClan’s sake!

    Goldenpaw snarled.

    “We have to fight like them!” She hollered.

    “Show no mercy!” Sharkpaw agreed.

    So, the Clan cats turned on the code.

    The battle was a flurry of claws and violence.

    Sharkpaw defended her the entire time.

    Goldenpaw felt stronger and stronger.

    And as the sun started setting, the most beautiful yowls Goldenpaw ever heard cried;

    “ShadowClan, retreat!” It was Moonstar.

    Moonstar ran to stand beside Shadestar, and so did the other warriors.

    Soon, just as well, several cats chased the rogue gang out of Clan territory.

    And the leaders had the honor of killing Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Mapleshade, and several Dark Forest members for the final time.

    Shadestar stepped forward and raised his head over the dead cat’s body.

    “Today was brilliant,” He said. “And we couldn’t have done it without our apprentices.”

    “Yeah!” Everyone cheered.

    “I know these three are leaving,” Shadestar continued. “And one is staying. One is a traitor, but he eventually found the right path. Give a warm welcome to our new warriors, Goldenclaw for her fierce fighting, Sharktooth for his bite, Tulippetal for her mercy, Nutthorn for his fighting skills, and Stripesight for him choosing the right path.”

    “Goldenclaw! Sharktooth! Tulippetal! Nutthorn! Stripesight!” The Clans yowled.

    While more of the Clan leaders spoke, and more left to rebuild their camps.

    “Sharktooth?” Goldenclaw said. “I know we’re about to go to the barn, but...”

    “Hm?” Sharktooth said.

    “Sharktooth, I’ve had feelings for you since we were young,” She said. “And I think you had them for me too, before, you know, you got hurt.”

    Sharktooth sighed. “Goldenclaw, I can’t remember that. Is it alright if we’re friends? Besides...I have feelings for someone else...” He would gaze over to Tulippetal.

    “Oh-” Goldenclaw choked. “W-well, we can be friends.”

    “Great,” Sharktooth purred. He nodded and bounded off towards Tulippetal.

    “Time to go,” Duskmoon called, then gave Goldenclaw’s ear a lick. “Don’t worry,” She whispered. “You’ll find someone else at the barn.”

    So, the cats headed off. Dawnsun looked upset, and Goldenclaw knew her mate wasn’t coming. In fact, she had seen them separate.

    So, she licked Dawnsun’s shoulder. “Don’t worry,” She said. “You'll find someone else.”

    Dawnsun weakly smiled.

    Goldenclaw looked over to Sharktooth and Tulippetal, who were walking ahead and had twined tails.

    And so will I.

    THE END!

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Holy fish-sticks and guacamole, I didn't know this was still up. Hi, Warriors Cats hater. Wait, if you think Warriors are cringe, why are you here-?
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Warrior Cats are cringe
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Also, if you hate Sharktooth... *holds up Sharktooth* Slap this doll of him.

Sharktooth: 😭😭😭
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Sure! I'll try and make a few follow up stories, Cookie! What are your ideas, I'm excited to hear them!
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I hate Sharktooth. I feel so sorry for Goldenclaw. Also… I know it’s a no but can I suggest some oc’s for a story? I understand if u don’t want to but it’ll make my day :)
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Omg nooo Sharkpaw don’t!
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Hey guys...! I am taking a week of a break because I write every day and then edit and I have done this NONSTOP. So sorry, the stuff will not be coming out until next week.
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YAY! I finally posted the next Duskmoon and Dawnsun!
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Hey you guys! Anna here! I just got back from doing something, so I have written NOTHING AT ALL. Sorry! I am writing the next Black Continent story right now. Have a good night/day (wherever you are).