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Warriors: Sun, Moon, and Stars #1

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Read this if you like warriors! Sorry that it is only chapter one

    “Mommy! Mommy, wake up!” AngelKit mewed. CloudKit trotted up beside her. “Wake up! We’re being apprenticed today!” CloudKit whined. “Very well.” Sage heart meowed. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around high-rock for a clan meeting!” Diamondstar yowled. CloudKit sat in the middle of StormKit and AngelKit. “Today, these three kits have reached the age of six moons and are ready to be apprenticed. StormKit, please step forward. You have reached the age of six moons and receive your apprentice name. BeachLeaf, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You shall mentor StormPaw. AngelKit, please step forward. From this moment on you shall be known as AngelPaw. HawkFoot shall mentor you. CloudKit, please step forward. You shall be known as CloudPaw. FrostClaw will be your mentor. Meeting dismissed.” Diamondstar meowed. “Are you ready?” FrostClaw asked CloudPaw. “I-I think so…” CloudPaw mumbled.

    CloudPaw returned from hunting with three voles, four mice, a rabbit, and five pigeons. “How did you do that?” FrostClaw asked. “You just look in their nests and then you find them. It’s especially good to do it in Leaf-Bare.” CloudPaw explained. “Ahhh. Yes.” FrostClaw mewed. “Shall we get training?” He asked. “Um… sure!” CloudPaw mewed confidently.

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271 days ago
Also, Junior Warrior sounds very cool.
271 days ago
Very nicely put together! *claps*