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Warriors: Sun, Moon and Stars #2

1 Chapter - 309 Words - Developed by:
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Second one of my series!

    “You are like a real warrior!” FrostClaw meowed, struggling to get up on his paws. “Really?” CloudPaw mewed. “Yes. A real warrior attacks her clanmates but doesn’t kill them. I was scared for a moment when you had me pinned down so hard!” FrostClaw replied. “Oh, that is true!” CloudPaw mewed back. “I think you should start your warrior assessment,” FrostClaw said. “Warrior assessment! Already?” CloudPaw gasped. “Just kidding. You have to be swift. Enemies will be much stronger and won’t go easy on you. Yes, I went easy on you.” He added as CloudPaw opened and then closed her mouth. “Let’s try again. And I won’t go easy on you!” FrostClaw said. “I won’t either!” CloudPaw hissed. Almost immediately she ran around him to confuse him. Then she jumped high so quickly that she glimpsed FrostClaw staring in every direction wildly. CloudPaw landed on his shoulders and pinned him down and, with sheathed claws, did a pretend Belly Rake. “You… win…” FrostClaw gasped for air.

    “Really? He said you're as strong as a leader?” AngelPaw asked in awe. “Yes, he did. I’m so excited! He talked to Diamondstar about a very, very old tradition where if apprentices get stronger than leaders they become what you call ‘Junior Warriors’ and still have their apprentice name but do what a warrior does!” CloudPaw mewed. “Lucky duck!” StormPaw said.

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530 days ago
Also, Junior Warrior sounds very cool.
530 days ago
Very nicely put together! *claps*