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Sheenheart´s Challenge (deadline + excerpt)

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Sheenheart´s Challenge. The book we´ve all been anticipating for almost two years. Yes, it´s been that long.
So... about that.
I´m almost done! ( No bad news ) The deadline I´ve set for myself is the 1st of January 2022. Can you believe it´s almost 2022 already? I can´t. I´m still gonna be writing the date as 2021.
Anyways. I´m really excited for this book to be finished and it´s not really like my other books. I´ve formatted it and put it in the same fonts as the real Warriors´ books, so I´m not sure if I´m going to put it on allthetests.com. Obviously, whatever I do, I´m going to put a link to it on here, but allthetests´ formatting is weird. Maybe Wattpad? Wattpad also uses its own font.

So, please. I have 3 favors to ask of you.
1. If you know of any place I can upload the text and have the formatting and/or font stay the same (and possibly add the picture/the cover), please inform me of so.
2. OCs! For the past year, I´ve been asking for OCs a lot. Basically, create your own cat and I will add it into the book with credit. It´s a big deal.
3. Add to the Dawnbridge Wiki! I´ll put a link in the excerpt.

Anyways, thanks if you can do any of the three above. I´ll be putting links and forms in the next chapter. I´m trying something special with the OC forms:)

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It says I need to sign into my Google account but I can't log into it.
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name Raggedfur rank deputy looks like a cat with strips of fur clawed out but really its just an optical illusion on his fur. Mate brightpelt kits clawkit brownkit and eyekit. strong short tempered and is loyal.
109 days ago
whyyyyyy what does it say
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Jay it won't let me on the form TnT