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Pacific'Star's Choice Excerpt

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2 Chapter - 224 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 57 taken- The story is completed

Here is Pacific'Kit in Pacific'Star's Choice excerpt! By the way: We need more OC's for my Fanfic will be a boring story by me.

PacificKit yipped with excitement as he chased the moth across BirchClan's camp. DeerLeap jumped out of the way as he almost crashed into her. "Sorry!" PacificKit mewed over his shoulder. "Kits these days." DeerLeap rolled her eyes, but she purred with amusement. "PacificKit!" A scolding voice sounded behind him. PacificKit whirled around to see his father; TigerFlame meowing "Watch where you're going in the future!" "Alright, TigerFlame." He mewed sheepishly. "Go play mossball with the others." TigerFlame flicked his ears to where ArcticKit and AtlanticKit were playing by the nursery. He bounded over to them, he didn't notice BreezeStar staring directly at him.

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227 days ago
I'm VERY sorry, I misspelled excerpt... and staring.