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Chasing the Sun Chapter 22

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Since Flagpost wanted missing I decided to write this finishing the sneak peek Flaggy gave to Jay and me. We all miss Flaggy.

    Foxhowl watched over her beloved Clan, AllthetestsClan, from a tree. Who was that big group sneaking in the undergrowth? 'Does AllthetestsClan have this many cats? Last I checked the answer was no.' A pelt of a red tabby flashed in a beam of sunlight. 'It's FlameClan!' Foxhowl thought. "FlameClan is attacking!" Foxhowl yowled as loud as she could. She then repeatedly jumped down to a lower branch till she could jump to the ground, and jumped at a nearby FlameClan cat.

    Flagstar leaped at his son, claws fully extended, he slashed the tabby's face. Flamestar snarled and slashed Flagstar's side. Blood flowed quickly from his wound. His eyes clouded. He gasped for air, then he died. Flameclaw smiled over the dead body. Henry leaped at Flameclaw.
    "Flamestar… You killed Flagstar, your father… I can't ever forgive you." said the brown tom. Flamestar struggled in his grip. "Henry, please have mercy on me." gasped the tabby. Henry shook his head and bit the tabby's neck. Foxhowl stepped forwards." Who will be the leader?" she asked."You." Jake said. Foxhowl looked at the Clan. They nodded at her.JayfeatherBB nodded sadly, gazing at his best friend's body. Ace looked away. Fire walked up to Ace and twined her tail. Ace's eyes lightened up. Sliverstone looks at her Clan.
    "We will keep our name, after our hero." she said."AllthetestsClan is not the name for us." Foxhowl said. "What is it?" asked Raventail. "FlagClan."

    Foxhowl walked to the Moonfall. She saw the water flowing down, and touched her nose to it. She saw the ranks of StarClan. Her family, her friends, and Flagstar. "Flagstar!" she exclaimed. "I go by Flagpost here," he said.
    He lifted his nose." I give you the life of hope, love, and happiness." said the yellow tom. "Use it well in times of need." A golden she-cat stepped forward. "Mom?" Foxhowl whispered. "Please call me Moonshine here." The golden she-cat smiled. "I give you a life of wisdom. Use it well to defend your clan." A calico kit stepped in front of Foxhowl. "Nice to see you again" The she-kit mewed. "Leaf's Flutter." Foxhowl mewed, her voice cracking. "That's right. I give you a life of confidence. Use it well to guide your clan in hard times."
    ((6 lives later))
    Flagpost gave Foxstar a yellow stone."Guard it with your life." he said. She nodded. She left the cave, her eyes happy as she ran home. Foxstar ran but tripped over a stone.
    She dropped the gem down a hole.
    ((In the hole))
    The stone lit up the cave and fell on a skull. It lit up the skull and in a flash of light, a red tabby tom, with many scars and amber eyes was standing there. "Look out FlagClan. I'm back."

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35 days ago
has flagpost ever mentioned someone named kesley with a last name that started with a h
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Flagpost- :o YOU'RE ALIVE???? 🚔 HAPPENED???
115 days ago
Good story btw
I’m actually creating one myslef
115 days ago
I had to change my name for this XD
161 days ago
I laughed so hard at allthetestclan!
307 days ago
well hello my sussy bakas
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... Flagpost is officially ded
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*in a tree yawning and then falls down* Hisss!
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Yes UvU That was PURRfect.
643 days ago
lol. Amazing
644 days ago
Okay I decided to do this: Foxhowl- *Messes up Flagpost's eye color for the longest time* Flagpost- *Stains his eyes blue with his tears*
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645 days ago
No. Way. Ima check it out rn
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Okay I got information here >:3 https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1619444946/Information
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Yeah.... lol