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The Saddest Warrior Cats Story

10 Chapter - 3.105 Words - Developed by:
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Try not to cry:(

Brindlestar of Birchclan shook the rainwater off herself. She was tired of her mate's behavior. She had scars and cuts from him. Brindlestar just wanted to end this, but she knew that she couldn't leave her kits. Briarkit, Hollowkit, and Sagekit meant the world to her, but she couldn't raise them like this. They were just kits. Brindlestar knew that if she left with them, she could raise them in a better world. And when they would grow up, they wouldn't remember anything about their father. She looked to the back of the den and padded over. The kit's nests were just in the back, far from any danger.
"Kits, how 'bout I tell you a st-" Brindlestar broke off. The kits weren't in their nests! She knew exactly where they could be. Battle training. With their father. At Moon High. She dashed off to the grounds where she saw her mate and her kits. Her kits were covered in scratches and her mate shoved the youngest, Sagekit, forward.
"C'mon, sweetie. Attack her! You've gotten her into a good position!" He whispered into Sagekit's ear.
Briarkit, the oldest, was up against a tree, frightened. She was staring her younger sibling in their eyes. She could tell that Sagekit didn't want to, but because of their father's pressuring gestures, Briarkit had to prepare for the worst. But, Sagekit just turned, mumbled something, and looked down. Brindlestar's mate went wild.
"Fine! I'll do it!" But just as her mate was about to lunge at Briarkit, Brindlestar darted forward and yelled.
Her mate, Shadeberry, froze. Briarkit and her siblings dashed behind the tree as Brindlestar pounced onto Shadeberry. Shadeberry dodged and Brindlestar went face-first into the grass. Shadeberry circled her.
"I never loved you." He jumped on her and rolled her over, so their eyes would meet. Brindlestar spat.
"I know that." She used her back claws to slit open his belly, and Shadeberry rolled off her, back onto the grass. Brindlestar struggled to her paws and growled.
"You only wanted to raise our kits to be bloodthirsty."
"No." Shadeberry whispered. Before Brindlestar knew it, Shadeberry flexed his claws and slashed her neck. Brindlestar gasped in pain and her legs shook. She fell to the ground, sobbing. Shadeberry towered above her, grinning. He slashed her neck one more time.
"I only wanted to make Birchclan mine. My kits will rule the forest. And become just. Like. Me." And then, Shadeberry walked off.
Brindlestar could hear her kits cries as they rushed to her. She tried to get up, but she just couldn't. Her eyes shut tight, and her body fell limp as she heard her last words.
"Mama!" "Mama!"

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12 days ago
It could have been good if the names, grammar, and writing weren't so terrible
47 days ago
Im sorry but i'was crying... Its just because, you read it and then you play it in your head, that makes you cry too
150 days ago
Really good!!!!!!