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The Saddest Warrior Cats Story Pt 2

12 Chapter - 3.566 Words - Developed by:
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The Enemy Spruceclan is regrouping. Lilystar has teamed up with her deputy, Robinstep, and their trusted medicine cat, Ashenfrost, to protect Birchclan at all cost. But, Spruceclan's new leader, Scratchstar, is more vicious than Birchclan thought...

"Ashenpaw! Help me!" Flurrydash yelled as he ran back to the medicine den, dragging Sagewillow behind him.
"Sagewillow!" Ashenpaw wailed.
The two medicine cats ran back to their den and while Flurrydash was trying to save Sagewillow, Ashenpaw checked on the rest of the hurt cats. Hollowleaf was dead.. for sure. His brother's mentor. Briarstar was losing her last life quickly... and Ashenpaw's brother, Twigpaw, was coughing his blood. All the cats were limp... everything was going wrong. Spruceclan could kill of Birchclan if they weren't careful.
"I got this, Ashenpaw! Go check if anyone else is hurt!" Flurrydash mewed. Ashenpaw nodded and ran out of the den.

While scanning the battlefield for limp bodies, Ashenpaw noticed a large shadow of a cat creeping towards the camp. At first, Ashenpaw thought it was a hurt Birchclan warrior. But then, as he got closer to it, he realized it was Scratchface, the Spruceclan deputy. And she was heading right towards the medicine den!
"No!" Ashenpaw yelped. Twigpaw had taught him some fighting moves just in case, and he knew that this was the best time to use them. He sprang onto Scratchface's back. Scratchface sprung around and slashed Ashenpaw's fur roughly. In pain, Ashenpaw let go, and Scratchface bolted. Ashenpaw ran after her. But it was too late. There was a shriek from the medicine den...

And as soon as Ashenpaw got in the den, Scratchface was gone. And Flurrydash was killed.

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35 days ago
Really good!!!!!!