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|-|Fadingsteps hope #2|-| Warrior Cats

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IT'S FINALLY HERE! Sorry if it was taking long. But here it is.

    Chapter 1

    Ivypool sighed. ''How?'' She'd ask. ''Don't you remember? You attacked a fox and got hurt, you'd lost too much blood, and you'd fell hard'' Hazeltail mewed. ''I can't believe it'' Ivypool mumbled. ''I have bad news for the clans'' Hazeltail mewed while looking at her paws. ''Tell me. Is it bad?'' Ivypool asked. ''What did I say! BAD NEWS!'' Hazeltail yowled. ''Sorry, but eh tell me'' Ivypool mewed in silence. ''The Dark Forest will attack and lose many warriors'' her mother mewed in a scared but calm tone. ''We got to warn them! '' Ivypool yowled. Then, she flicked her tail while looking at her mother with a grave and scared gaze. ''I know that!'' Hazeltail mewed. ''Ima go, you go and meet your dad''. Ivypool nodded and walked to her dad that she saw. ''Hello Cloudwalker! '' Ivypool mewed, smiling and flicking her tail on the ground. ''Ivypool? You ... . Died?'' He swallowed. ''Yeah, by a fox attack'' she'd whisper. ''Did your mother tell you about the dark forest? Because the clans are in danger. Your mother is going to warn them because the dark forest is ... '' Ivypool didn't let Cloudrunner finish. ''I know that'' she'd mew. ''Great, help me with telling your mother you know that'' he'd mew. ''She knows that already because she told me'' Ivypool sighed. She'd roll her eyes and mumbled. ''I was old, but now young, just like you'' Cloudrunner whispered, happy.

    Chapter 2

    |At the clans|

    ''I had a dream that every other leader and medicine cat has got. The dark forest is almost ready to attack us. '' Oceanstar mewed. The dark gray striped tom stood on the tall rock, looking over his clan and hearing some words from his warriors. ''The kits and some queens will sleep in the elder den, elders will attack with us, our medicine cat will also fight and try to heal wounded cats. ''. The deputy nodded as he stood up. ''I will send patrols for herbs and prey, one border patrol will be there too'' Bearear, the deputy, mewed. ''Thunderclan is ready'' Oceanstar mewed.

    |In riverclan|

    ''We won't have much time and aren't ready to lose this fight'' Sandstar mewed. ''SugarSpot will send some patrols''. 'Riverclan is ready'.

    |In shadowclan|

    ''We must stand ready to fight with our biggest enemy's. Remember that they know how to kill more cats than one at one time'' Darkstar mewed. 'Shadowclan is ready'.

    |The last clan, Windclan| (Not a book with skyclan in)

    ''We better stand strong before we fight. We lost some warriors as some fell in the gorge by following a dog''. We aren't ready! he'd thought

    More? Keep waiting. And yeah, it's kind of like the great battle.

    Some part of the next book:

    Ivypool trembled as she thought some spirits and cats would die. What would happen? Would she die? Hazeltail came to with next to Ivypool and cleaned her pelt as she sat down. Hazeltail stayed calm but Ivypool could know she was scared.

    Thanks for reading this part

    Why did I make 10 chaptersss?




    Rstuvw xyz
    Rstuvw xyz

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38 days ago
I was already thinking like : 'the title says Fadingsteps Hope but the text is from Deadly Moon .' .I'hope part 3 comes fast !
41 days ago
I'hope you liked it . And also i'forgot to change name because its part 2 from Deadly Moon