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~A Misty Path~ #1

2 Chapter - 490 Words - Developed by:
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Part 1 ... I work together with Warrior Cats_Girl that made Fadingsteps hope, Deadly moon and more. Hopefully, you like it. More is coming soon.


    Graypaw sighed as Tallpaw flicked his tail low on the ground while hunting. ''You're going to grab it?'' Graypaw asked. ''Be quiet! It's a rabbit'' Tallpaw whisperd. ''You're fast enough to catch it, so it's no problem'' Graypaw mumbled. ''If you want to help, great, because Tinytail is getting her kits and that means we have more mouths to feed'' Tallpaw said. Tallpaw jumped up and landed on the rabbit with his claws unsheathed. ''Got it!'' He'd mew. ''Great, I'm going to sleep'' graypaw said. ''No! You have got to hunt as well'' Tallpaw mewed. The gray apprentice sighed one last time and jumped on a bird who was flying, or not longer should I say. ''Happy?'' Graypaw asked as he flicked his gray ear. The bird came down and Graypaws claws were unsheathed, he'd grab the bird. The two apprentices walked back to camp. Once they'd put their prey on the fresh kill-pile, An elder, Whitespot, grabbed the bird Graypaw caught. Graypaw mumbled until he saw ... Morningpaw. ''Graypaw?''. Tallpaw grabbed Graypaw out of his mind. ''Your good?'' He'd ask. Graypaw nodded while looking furious at Tallpaw. ''I hate you'' he'd said. ''I hate you too'' Tallpaw smiled. ''Ah my Tallpaw! '' Mouseheart mewed. '' what did you catch?''. ''A rabbit, and Graypaw caught a bird by jumping on it'' Tallpaw said happy. ''That hears ... Great! And you two are also old enough to become warriors soon! I'd told Oceanstar already'' Mouseheart said. ''Ah yes! Morningpaw will look up to me!'' Grawpaw said. ''Wait, you're in love with morningpaw?'' Tallpaw asked curious as he didn't know that. Graypaw nodded as he trotted into the apprentice den. He'd yawn. ''I can't believe it'' tallpaw mewed. ''Believe it or not, she's awesome'' graypaw said. ''Who?'' Morningpaw mewed as she came in. ''Eh Hazeltail! She'd died remember?'' Graypaw mewed. ''Ah yeah ... Poor Oceanstar and Sandheart ... ''. Hazeltail was Oceanstar and Sandhearts mother, she died a moon ago when Shadowclan attacked. Morningpaw sighed.

    A part of the next part: ((cur))Tallpaw yawned as he woke up. His moss bed was clean, and his fur was dirty. Mouseheart sighed. ''My little

    A part of the next part:

    Tallpaw yawned as he woke up. His moss bed was clean, and his fur was dirty. Mouseheart sighed. ''My little kit is dirty from hunting! '' she'd said. Tallpaw rolled with his eyes. ''I'm not little''.

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