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A Series Of Unfortunate Events, True or False quiz

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Series Of Unfortunate Events Quiz

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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210 days ago
I also think the Netflix series really brings it to life, the added character Jacquelyn is nice as it gives someone else trying to protect the Baudelaires as well as Olivia Calibans and Larrys extended roles
210 days ago
Um... why did you think it was about James Charles? I love a series of unfortunate events, the plot is so exciting. A secret organisation made to fight fires, a schism involving a sugar bowl! My favourite Characters are Violet, Olivia Caliban and Jacques (I love the relationship the Netflix series gives) Kit and Jacquelyn and also Dewy and Larry. As you can see I really like the strong willed and brave women.
584 days ago
What's up sisters! I only took this quiz because I thought it was about James Charles.