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Are You A Real Arianator!

Are You A Real Arianator!

Ariana Grande quiz (Created 28th June 2015)

Ariana Grande quiz (Created 28th June 2015)

Ultimate Ariana Grande Quiz

Ariana Grande quiz

Are you an Arianator?<3

Are You A Real Ariana Grande Fan?


Are you an Arianator?

Are you an Arianator?

Ariana Grande Quiz! <3

Are you an Arianators?

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Comments (17)


Ella (14360)
13 days ago
I get to go to her concert when I turn 12 love you ari.
Gabby (59949)
70 days ago
I love Ariana she is the best I have lots to say but my mothers speaker thing is not working sorry
Mia blackwell-Gill (92386)
101 days ago
I love to ariana grande you are my idle. You inspired me to sing and dance and express my feelings. You started on my favourite tv shows sam and cat and victorious. You are my favourite singer and your voice is amazing . You are so kind to teach young kids how to dance and sing. Your helpful and beautiful . I'm your biggest fan and I know everything about you. I have a kitten called milo and he is nine weeks old. I love milo my mum and my dad. But most importantly you. Your the best. I'm only nine years old but that doesn't stop me from admiring you. You are my hero.
kayla (30978)
108 days ago
completely confusing
leo (17944)
108 days ago
are you 21
hanna (64881)
111 days ago
hanna (64881)
111 days ago
Ariana you are my fave celeb you make me happy its not only your voice or your looks its that your really like everyone loves your personality! i love your songs you are the bestwhen i grow up i want to be a singer you make me believe in myself
hanna (64881)
111 days ago
i love ariana you work it!
Gomana (33673)
125 days ago
I will suppport you in everything you do. You're eyes,nose,lips, hair and everything is so pretty you are the prettiest person I've ever seen. I LOVE YOU! FROM YOU'RE BIGGEST FAN!❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gomana (33673)
125 days ago
To Ariana Grande
I love you so much and I hope you are having a great day like I am writting this to you. I love you so much you're music always helps me go through depression from people bullying me and you're music helps me go through that. I love you so much and I want you go keep going and make more songs and albums. I LOVE YOU!❤
The biggest fan ever (62352)
144 days ago
To Ariana grande

I love you I have got Ariana grande posters all over my walls I have even got a Ariana grande ring tone one last time oh my god it would be a dream for you to reply this

From your biggest biggest BIGGEST fan EVER
Selena Gomez fan and Ariana grande (34823)
167 days ago
I loooooooooooove your songs ;)
Fav singer I love you
Fan girl of Ariana (30323)
199 days ago
...😫..i love your everthing🙆, i like your eyes,hair,lips,nose...👁👱👄👃and im your biggest fan you ever seen....😍😍
I know you favorite things,hate things.😅..and i will started to miss your bangs😭😭😢
To:Ariana Grande😺🍩💖
From:Your biggest fan😘
aleenagrande (58825)
430 days ago
I love u arianagrande i really want my voice like you i started being an Arinator since you started Cat valentine i know u aren't gonna read this cu im a normal girl not a singer u have millions of Fans, Ariana i want to know a tip like how u sing please help me i love u forever💕
Malaysia Clark (99472)
783 days ago
Ariana Grande if you reading this I want you should know that you're my favorite of all and I like your new song Dangerous Woman . If you can answer this question it would mean alot to me so OK if you come out with a new song what would it be
Brittney (66524)
823 days ago
If I think you could do it then you should!
Tyniqua (59849)
948 days ago
hi i'm a big fan of sam and cat