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Exactly three years to the date before The Beatles officially stunned the world with "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" on The Ed Sullivan Show, they played their first-ever public gig in their hometown (Liverpool, UK, of course). The place: The now-iconic Cavern Club. The payday: Five pounds sterling.
The rest, as they say, is history. There's not a lot to say about this legendary foursome that fans - and even non-superfans - don't already know. We're just thankful the Cavern Club bouncer relented and let George in wearing (gasp!) jeans. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened, and what awesome music the world might have missed out on?
Whether you're a Fab Four fan from way back or are just learning to dig their many classics now (because let's face it - The Beatles will ALWAYS be a big thing), try a few of our 55 Beatles quizzes in this section now. Have fun!

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The Beatles Quiz (easy)

The Beatles Quiz (easy)

Are you obsessed with the Beatles?

Are you obsessed with the Beatles?

Beatlemania.. Are you a real fan? Test your knowledge

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The Beatles Quiz

The Beatles Quiz

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The Beatles Quiz

Beatles Quiz

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Mr. Moonlight (95818)
925 days ago
So many of these quiz's are filled with typo's and WRONG answer's. Helter Skelter is about a carnival ride.
Phil (27027)
1017 days ago
I'm not going to do your quizzes if you mark my answers wrong when they are right. Ringo is the oldest Beatle, not John.