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Beyblade Burst Trivia!

What kind of a Kai fan are you?

How much you know about Beyblade?


BeyBlade Themes

BeyBlade Themes

Beyblade quiz

How well do you know Rei Kon?

How well do you know Rei Kon?

Beyblade - The Demolition Boys

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97 days ago
my life hey has anybody seen my valtryek?
97 days ago
Hey there! I am valt and my bey is valtrie i will be the best blader of the tournament
158 days ago
Always Supporting Ginka....
182 days ago
Hi everyone!!!
191 days ago
Hey!I can see that most of you r the fan of KAI Hiwatari.!but what about RAY & BROOKLYN?
I'm the greatest fan of Beyblade original series, like g revolution! Beyblade....!!
257 days ago
Kai is a good bladed but he is not good from heart always anger attitude ego don't smile even I hate like this types of boys he is the worst
281 days ago
I'm a very big fan of Kai and his bit beast dranzer he is cool.
311 days ago
A nostalgic series, with some good quizzes. Kai is overpowered, max respect there. Metal Fight is quite good too, and Burst is interesting.
347 days ago
Kai Hiwatari hates peoples like you down below commented peoples 😉
529 days ago
Kai is totally awesome blader. I am in love with him. I really
want to marry kai and want to become Mahek Hiwatari. I ❤ you
kai.I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you sooooooooooooomuch.
531 days ago
I'm a diehard fan of Kai. His attitude, personality, smartness makes him so popular.
660 days ago
Kai is my only love. Many girls love him for he is smart,good looking,awesome,hot and so more. I really crazy about him bat no one of my friends can not think like me so I cry.
1022 days ago
In India a am kaiser begest fan
1022 days ago
I am a big fan of kai