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108 days ago
I’ve been doing gymnastics since 7. Then, I switched to cheer in December 2019. I’m turning 10 in 6 days on June 16th!!! I’ve been doing flips and stuff for 3 years!!!
145 days ago
I have been cheerleading for 5 years and the sport is my life I can't explain how much this sport means to me. Next year will be my first year trying out for a cheer team for my school and I will maybe make it if I keep stretching and practicing wish me luck
148 days ago
I've been a cheerleader for 8 years, and every year just gets better and better cheer is a amazing sport were you learn to express yourself and grow self-confidence! I love all my cheer sisters through and through, If you've been thinking about trying out for high school cheer or competitive cheer you should! i promise you wont regret it!!🤗🤗😁😁
168 days ago
Cheer is like the best sport if any of you ever get a chance try to join All star cheer or high school cheer believe me you guys will love it
242 days ago
I’ve been a cheerleader since I was three years old and 12 now. And every day I walk into the gym I’m so happy I love the sport.
356 days ago
Next year I will start cheerleading.
732 days ago
I don’t even know what I’m doing here.
896 days ago
Iv'e done cheer in the past and i just made cheer tryouts!
923 days ago
I love Cheerleading I go every day after school.
923 days ago
I love Cheerleading I go every day after school.
996 days ago
I started cheer practice when i was 4 now I'm 8 so yeah I know alot
1007 days ago
I know a lot about it
1010 days ago
i don t know that much
1019 days ago
I don't really know a lot about cheerleading guys