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For a fraction of the cost of therapy, watching Dan and Phil can help you get your head straight. To prove it, here are some quotes. "The only ugly girls are the ones that don't know beauty comes from within," Dan says. Got that, girlies? Good! And here's a pearl from Phil: "It's good to be strange. Normalness leads to sadness." (GTK, 'cause we're pretty sure NO one's normal!)
Want more? Having an existential crisis today? Just roll with it, says Dan: "Embrace the void and have the courage to exist." (Wow - we never knew how BRAVE we were before!) Oh yeah - in case you were wondering, here's our fav, from Phil: "The world is an amazing place - look at it instead of your flaws." (No better advice exists, in our humble opinion.)
Heard about enough? OK - here's one last gem from Dan, as paraphrased by us: "We're holding you back from achieving things in your life by forcing you to sit here and read this." Sorry 'bout that! We'll get to the point: This is the Dan and Phil quiz section - 44 tests for fans to try. We'll get the hecky heck out of here and let you get started!

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