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Three little words that strike fear into the hearts of anyone with a brain: Abby Lee Miller. We'd call her "Crabby Abby," but that would be too kind. Almost across the board, the dancers and other moms say the editing of the unscripted Lifetime show Dance Moms makes Abby look NICER than she is. "She's worse in real life," says Chloe Lukasiak, 12. "Yeah, she's really mean. Don't like her," says Brooke Hyland, 16.
Whoa! Here's the thing: Abby wasn't supposed to be the main subject of the show, which was conceived as solely about the girls with a little about their moms. But drama sells: Producers met Abby and went with the formula you see today. And let's face it - we love it, and it works. Eight seasons and counting can't be wrong. Miller's absence due to a year in federal prison didn't hurt the show, at least not for long.
There's so much more to dish about with this show. But we don't want to give away answers to the quizzes in this, our Dance Moms section. We've got lots! From one dedicated just to Season 8 - "The Resurrection" - to tests about specific dancers like Christi, if you love the show and enjoy taking quizzes, you'll be busy here for awhile. At least we hope so.

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True or False Dance Moms Quiz

True or False Dance Moms Quiz

Dance Moms Quiz

Dance Moms quiz

Dance Moms Quiz

Dance Moms Quiz

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Dance Moms: Resurrection

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112 days ago
Maddie we should hang out
380 days ago
maddie we sholed hang out
404 days ago
i lovelovelovelove dancemoms so much
549 days ago
I love dance moms so much
584 days ago
Being on dance moms was the ever
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I loved being on dance moms it was one of the best experiences I have ever had
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I’m a big fan of dance moms ilysm dance moms
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Dance moms is like the best shows i have ever watched
My favourite dancer is Kalani she's my idol
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I love dance moms 💘