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"Change, my dears, and not a moment too soon!" The words of sixth Doctor Who Colin Baker seem downright prophetic now that Jodie Whittaker has become the 13th Doctor. Not every fan is on board with a female Doctor Who, of course. But here, we're all in for equality. So we say, it's about time! And in a show about time (travel), anything can happen. We're looking forward to the fascinating storylines sure to materialize in upcoming seasons.
Meanwhile, there's so much to be nostalgic about with this show. Being a superfan, you've probably heard all the best tidbits. Our favorite is when Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor, as you undoubtedly know) watched his newest episode with a random family he dropped in on in Blackpool, Lancashire, because he couldn't make it home in time for the show.
Only the assassination of a U.S. president (Kennedy) has kept Doctor Who off the air (the first episode, scheduled to run that day, was postponed) since 1963. Whether you've seen them all or are just getting into the cult classic, there are quizzes here you'll slay - 90 and counting. Enjoy a few now! And challenge your fellow Whovians to beat your scores. Have fun!

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Doctor Who: Actions and Sayings

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Midnight (Doctor Who)

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