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Like most rappers, Eminem has lived his lyrics. But coming of age white in Detroit's mostly Black inner city set him apart, making what would've already been a tough youth even tougher. He had an unstable home life, had to work to help pay bills when other kids got to just be kids, was relentlessly bullied, dropped out of high school and was eventually rejected by his father. (His mother stuck around, but tried to hog credit once Eminem was a success.)
But all that time Marshall Bruce Mathers III was suffering, your favorite songs were fermenting. He'd liked his English classes, and his fondness for wordplay and rhyme paid off big - eventually making Eminem the all-time best-selling musician in the U.S. And while the legend might've gotten a bad rap (sorry) for being misogynistic, he's now a devoted dad to three daughters.
This section has 70+ Eminem tests, including superfan, lyric-guessing, true-false - and one that claims it's "hardcore." (We dunno - you tell US!) See how much you know about Eminem, from the days he was rapping the 313 to his current status as second-best-selling rapper of all time.

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