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They might be the toughest four years football fans ever endure...we're talking about the seemingly endless wait for the NEXT FIFA World Cup. After the intensity of those precious few weeks every fourth June and July, we know it's SO hard to come down and get back to normal football-watching! *Sighs*
Of course, for fans of the winning team, the wait is a LOT more fun. We know you LOOOOOVE to flaunt those bragging rights! And we feel for fans of the losing finalists - not much fun to hear all the trash-talk about how your beloved team ALMOST made it - for roughly 1,460 days. :(
Make the wait a little more fun by taking the FIFA World Cup quizzes in this section. We have more than 25 you can try. Challenge your friends to beat your scores! And if you want, you can take a shot at creating your own quiz. Good luck and have fun!

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