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Fairy Tail fans are chatting up a storm about the eagerly-anticipated eighth and final season of the beloved manga series. When will it begin? Rumors have it coming in September 2018, but as of this writing, no one is sure what the exact premiere date will be.
Are you one of the millions of fans holding your breath to see what becomes of Lucy Heartfilia? Is she doomed, or will our cute would-be wizard / club member escape the pirates? Can the not-exactly-a-zero, potential hero Natsu prove himself worthy of Lucy's trust and save her - or will his motion-sickness and adoration of food get in the way?
*Sigh* Wish we could make the eighth season get here faster! Hulu is running past seasons, so it looks like fans will have to be happy with the 250 previous episodes for awhile. It's a tough wait! Meanwhile, since you've found our Fairy Tail section, you can always max out on our quizzes. Have fun and tell your friends who are also Fairy Tail fans!

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Fairy Tail Quiz



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Fairy Tail- Guess the Character?

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179 days ago
Yh all this quizzes are fun and awesome :D hi
515 days ago
I love these quizzes! They are awesome.
897 days ago
Let me just say this helped me with making a quiz for a friend ( he Is not a fairy tail fan) to see how well does he know the anime the first on me he took was a E because he got everything wrong expect two
1014 days ago
Never tried it and guess it wont let me. Don't really care. Just took ever after high quiz and I'm a rebel at heart. Also, on the second try it said I'm a royal and a rebel.