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24 days ago
I Love Anime. Mostly I love the art style. More specifically, I love anime style heads anatomy, proportions and facial features. Like the nose size, shape, position, mouth and the eyes!

Super kawaii cute!!! ^~^'
106 days ago
didnt find what i was looking for..................................... JK JK there evrything here!!!!!!!!!! soory idk how to spell
151 days ago
good you ar the best
152 days ago
Uhhhhhhhh idk but I don’t know everything about the game but ima Fnaf fan
152 days ago
Im streeming tonight on twich
152 days ago
Good work on the site
153 days ago
Hi your my favourite
From Juliet
155 days ago
I love you da plz new vid
plz I love you
155 days ago
I love Luna Lovegood i love LUNA LOVEGOOD
155 days ago
My peace please skizeling casting buzz notices talk all peopl bolts thanks you happy holiday no done more rule bruzares happy fizituzes
159 days ago
159 days ago
Hey its right you can play fornite with six people
159 days ago
Dantdm is the best youtuber in the world
159 days ago
I love Selena Gomez more Than anything in the world my name is Selena too like my baby Selena I hate all the humans WHO hate selena idk how to describe her she is the most precious human i ever seen shes kind, Funny, cute, the most talented human OMFG i cant describe her you real fans Know what i mean (not just Selenators every real fan can understand me) I LOVE YOU SELENA GOMEZ more than every every every every every every every every every every every every every every every every everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.............................. single thingggggggggggg................................. bye guys i Will be back soon.
159 days ago
I am the BIGGEST Selenator ever I Know every singel thing about her you're beautiful you're sweet you're gorgeous BUT selena is MINE IF u hate Selena you hate me too I hate all the selena and selenator haters.
159 days ago
I think i could have done better cause i LOVE aphmau and Blaze and Lurence are my sinpi Idk i cant beside
159 days ago
it was really good and plus I LOVE DAN so yeah it was pretty good
160 days ago
OMG!!!! Ok look i have never met the guy....But i watch his vids every single day. Well if i don't have any homework. i'm in the 3rd grade. My school is SCA. PLEASE send this comment to Denis! IT WOULD BE AN HONOR IF YOU DO THAT FOR ME!!!!!! Oh and if you do i'll rate this game:5/5 stars. please do send this to him! And if you get this comment please reply today (9/10/2018). Do you know the youtuber Guava Juice? And if you have not go check him out! He is sooooooooo freaking funny! Anyways please reply to me on this computer. And thanks for letting me take this test. your really sweet for that. Cause i've seen him do this very test and i wanted to try it. By the way I did better than him. oh and you should make 20 questions and about him mostly not sir meows a lot.Just saying! i am adicted to this game and it's my first time LOL!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET TO REPLY!!! Oh watch my channel it's called samantastrange. Subscribe to me and hit that bell ok?!?!??!?!?!?! bai ya'll!
161 days ago
Ok so now I’m going to watch JoJo seaiwa how your day was so I got to get another girl to come to my moms house 🏡 Abigail
161 days ago
Hey it was okay for me hey if you are go to YouTube and whach JoJo sawmill 👍