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Hi, special delivery from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! We have a special section for you - quizzes about Five Nights at Freddy's! (Don't worry, we added extra cheese, just like you love!)
No matter which of the five Freddy games you like to play best, or whether or not you've already read the novel adaptations or guidebook or mastered the activity book, you're sure to have fun testing your knowledge of this awesome indie series with our tests.
Umm, sorry...we've got to go and handle some homicidal animatronics right now, so we'll leave you to do all the quizzes and challenge your friends to beat your scores! Good luck, have fun and be safe!

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FNAF SL True / False

How Well Do You Know FNAF?

How Well Do You Know FNAF?

The Ultimate FNaF Quiz

The Ultimate FNaF Quiz


Fnaf quiz

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175 days ago
Do what you want cause a pirate is free you are a pirate yar har sail da seas..... I’m done yo
178 days ago
How come on fnaf ar they had vr TOY FREDDY high score TOY CHICA system error TOY BONNIE and then they had 8-BIT BABY
189 days ago
Hello why doesn't anyone comment anymore
249 days ago
"And remember sweep it under the rug it'll be fine" Game theorist
259 days ago
I have a friend who loves fnaf but hasn't heard any fnaf songs
259 days ago
I'm good today hope everyone else is
259 days ago
hello ppl how are you today
260 days ago
Hello everyone. Who is this person Foxy the Pirate
260 days ago
Yar can u find the other username that I use mateys?
263 days ago
I'm a masive fan of FNAF I love it so much I love afton family and labyrinth and dance to forget and in your eyes now and much more
265 days ago
Hello everyone how's everyone doing
265 days ago
Hi there everyone I'm a big fan of fnaf
274 days ago
I love the song Break The Cycle
277 days ago
Yes... But I'm in it......
279 days ago
Has anyone heard the song Afton family. I love it!
280 days ago
Hello everyone I hope your having a fantastic day!!!
281 days ago
Hai i am S👮 baby! AND EVEN I GET IT RIGHT WHAT IS THAT!? Oh a mistake I know I'm good! AND NOTBut I'm really good Oh I'm not mad i just speak like this
282 days ago
hello to all my fellow fnaf fans
285 days ago
Good night Everyone....😴
285 days ago
I can answer almost any FNAF question.