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E.L.F. No, not the movie starring Will Farrell, or the makeup line. E.L.F. means "Everybody Loves Fortnite"! Think we're exaggerating? Well, when Drake takes a break from recording with the game, and rapper Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster can be found playing Battle Royale before half a million plus, you know you have something amazing.
Announced by Epic Games in 2011, Fortnite finally rolled out mid-2017. The delay gave plenty of time for hype, and within 2 months of release, a million had signed up. Since Fortnite is now on Android and iOS, it can only get bigger. It's so huge, in fact, some parents worry younger kids could become addicted. BBC Radio's 5Live program even aired a segment to help.
Are YOU a Fortnite addict? We don't have a cure, but we can help you take a break. In this section are 45 quizzes on the game, covering the usual "How well do you know?" type of quizzes, as well as Fortnite skins, the Fortnite map, and more. Please tell your Fortnite-loving friends about our quizzes - we KNOW you must have some of those since, you know - E.L.F!

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Fortnite Quiz

Fortnite Quiz

Fortnite quiz true/false S9

Fortnite Battle Royale True/False Quiz

Fortnite Battle Royale True/False Quiz

How Well Do You Know Fortnite?

Fortnite quiz

Fortnite quiz

How Well Do You Know Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale Quiz

Fortnite Skins Quiz

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