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So, were we the only ones sobbing like babies when that gunman - who had lost his beloved wife - methodically went from room to room at Seattle-Grace Hospital (before it was ever Grey Sloan), killing off characters on one of our very favorite TV shows, Grey's Anatomy? And even the perennially cool and normally stone-faced Dr. Bailey almost lost it? But our girl outsmarted her would-be killer by sheer force of will.
OK, so that episode was too intense, and wasn't your favorite. It's OK! After 14 years on the air, who can claim just ONE favorite episode of Grey's Anatomy, anyway?
How about a favorite character, then? Got to be Cristina Yang, right? Or is she too out for herself, or too whiny (remember the episode when the doctors were deserted after a plane crash)? Or maybe you love the very sensitive Owen, or the velvet-gloved, steel-handed rock that is Dr. Meredith Grey?
Really, who are we kidding? We can't choose a favorite character, either. Personally, we love them all. So how well do YOU know the characters and episodes of Grey's Anatomy? Happily, there are a ton of related quizzes in this section to test your knowledge. We're glad you're here, Grey's Superfan! Try all the tests!

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How well do you know Dr. Cristina Yang?

Grey’s Anatomy Quiz

Greys Anatomy

True or False Grey's Anatomy

True or False Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Quiz

Greys Anatomy super fan quiz????

Greys Anatomy

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