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There are levels of loving Harry Potter.
For instance, your Nana might think he's a lovely young man with some interesting and talented friends, who together are excellent role models for you. She's not wrong, but she probably wouldn't do all that well on fan quizzes, right?
Then there's the medium-level Potter fan. Seen the movies, maybe read the books. Might've missed one or two (or a few), though. Generally loves the franchise, but not at the highest possible level.
Then there's the Superfan, whose knowledge of Harry Potter is formidable. The Superfan is surrounded by other Superfans who all try to absorb as much about Harry, his friends and their lives as they possibly can. The live and breathe the franchise.
So which level fan are you? There are a gazillion Harry Potter quizzes here on You can learn from them, have your unsurpassed expertise confirmed – or just have some fun! Challenge your friends to beat your scores! Enjoy!

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247 days ago
I did not read all of the Harry Potter books, I am on the fifth, but my favorite character is Ron Weasley. My least favorite character is Dolores Umbridge.
254 days ago
I don't know I don't know that person
326 days ago
Why doesn't anyone like Ginny???
387 days ago
I hope you are allright and have a lovely next Christmas
841 days ago
i just love hermione sooo much!i would really like to be in griffindor,if i get a chance and i am sure that i would develop an instant rapport with her coz i am a bookworm too!
921 days ago
If i'm in the hogwarts ,I wish I could select in Griffindor.Because I love griffindor house very much.I like to start a companion with Hermione Granger.Then I like to get 10 owls in O.W.Ls exam.
957 days ago
not worth it is a scam!
957 days ago
tots love harmony we have the same name!
1057 days ago
i must be this person from ravenclaw
1074 days ago
Rakesh. If u r Harry Potter then I must be Hermione granger.
1094 days ago
I think I am Harry potter