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Sofia Hunter (33443)
16 days ago
Why doesn't anyone like Ginny???
carly (81128)
77 days ago
I hope you are allright and have a lovely next Christmas
pupul (25416)
531 days ago
i just love hermione sooo much!i would really like to be in griffindor,if i get a chance and i am sure that i would develop an instant rapport with her coz i am a bookworm too!
Klower (31288)
611 days ago
If i'm in the hogwarts ,I wish I could select in Griffindor.Because I love griffindor house very much.I like to start a companion with Hermione Granger.Then I like to get 10 owls in O.W.Ls exam.
harmonie (75873)
648 days ago
not worth it is a scam!
harmonie (75873)
648 days ago
tots love harmony we have the same name!
springblossom9 (27767)
747 days ago
i must be this person from ravenclaw
Ninja girl86 (39296)
765 days ago
Rakesh. If u r Harry Potter then I must be Hermione granger.
Rakesh (13805)
784 days ago
I think I am Harry potter