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November 23, 2012, is a day that will live in children's programming infamy. Don't remember what happened that day? Here's a hint: iGoodbye. Need another? Sure - leave it all to me. Still don't get it? OK - it was the day an awesome TV show about an awesomer web show aired its last new episode. (Hey, is "awesomer" a word? Serious question.)
Hardcore fans probably guessed the answer right away - on 11/23/12, the last episode of iCarly aired. (You: (((Headdesk))) ) Yep, that's right. Hard to believe we've survived all this time without Carly, Sam and Freddie, but somehow, we've managed. Nostalgic? You can still find find/stream episodes - just not on Nickelodeon, who phased it out (thanks for nothin,' Nick!).
iCarly might be gone (new episodes, anyway), but it's definitely not forgotten. In fact, we have a section of quizzes right here you can try. Enjoy! (HEADS UP: We don't have as many as we'd like/this fan favorite deserves - so if you want to create your own iCarly quiz, go for it!)

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ICarly Quiz


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jentte mcurdy (18905)
237 days ago
wow you did good you should do one of me
Carter (75805)
276 days ago
I love it. I wish it was still on
Sheraya (91149)
417 days ago
Cool soooooo cool☺️