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ItsFunneh Quiz!

ItsFunneh Quiz!

How Well Do You Know ItsFunneh?

How Well Do You Know ItsFunneh?

Itsfunneh true or false


Do you know me, ItsFunneh?

Do you know itsfunneh?

Are you a true Funneh fan?

How well do you know itsfunneh?

Funneh and the krew quiz

How well do you know Funneh?

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10 days ago
Draco is the only boy i got all my answers right
Yay better luck next time to the people who got it rong the people who got it rong they are not itsfunneh fans but i am
50 days ago
Draco did not use Draco malfoi in Harry Potter
50 days ago
My favorite video is when Nite/Ketchup was not Draco’s dragon!! I loved it!! Lololololol!
50 days ago
I play as a character in Minecraft of you guys EVERYDAY!!! I even know your real names. Sorry lol. I play GoldenGlare/Kim and my friend Zac (witch he is a real big fan as well as me too)! Zac plays DraconiteDragon/Allen. Love you guys!!!!
50 days ago
I love the krew.
My favorite krew member is GoldenGlare. I’m sorry GoldenGlare but I hate to do this😭. So for those people who don’t know the krew’s real names they are Draco/Allen, GoldenGlare/Kim, Funneh/Kat, Painting rainbows/Betty, and Luner/Wenny. I’m soooo sorry😭. I love you guys!
64 days ago
Youare right lunar but the commenter me toooo!!!
64 days ago
105 days ago
I have same name as lunar well not real but still itsfunneh if you see this I am your biggest fan I love her forevers)
105 days ago
It's not a really good game don't play :/ :\ 0_0 .-. ;-; ._.
106 days ago
I dont think it works...
108 days ago
141 days ago
Draco did u copy the name in harry potter .if u did ur a copycat.dont complain pls im only ten years old using my mother old phone.😇😇😇
141 days ago
Can u also donate me robux and my sisters àre begging my father to get robux for them.PLS funneh.
141 days ago
Funneh can u do a challenge in secret neighbour.maybe no escaping and must survive.the last one to survive gets to cheat in the next game .🙏
190 days ago
Dear Funneh, Luanar, Gold, Rainbow, and Draco. I am you guys biggest fan, that I watch you guus videos every day. How old are you guys anyway? From Ava Bask in
To the Krew.
212 days ago
I wanted to watch Itsfunneh because I feel like, when I'm sick, she makes me happy and stuff. And I think she's a comedian cause she makes me laugh when I'm down. She is a really great youtuber. Merry Christmas to you all.
220 days ago
Hey guys sun me and like my videos
247 days ago
I love itsfunneh. She amazing and is so nice
373 days ago
Can you donate me Robux
373 days ago
Hi funneh I am a realy big fan