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Are you a KatyCat? Do you know Katy Perry?

Are you a KatyCat? Do you know Katy Perry?

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Katy Perry

Do You Know Katy Perry?

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Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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18 days ago
I LOVE Katy. I really want to meet her one day.(egreen))
131 days ago
Love Katy so much ❤️Xxxx
161 days ago
okay im literally done
161 days ago
and i love her personality and her songs because theyre really good and fun and her voice is really good and i want her phone number bc i want to call her up every night and tell her how much i love her ok bye
161 days ago
hi i love katie peri because shes a good singer
292 days ago
She used to be really really good, in 2008–2012. She should do a Maren Morris collab: I’ve always wanted this! I think that their voices would go well together.
589 days ago
((purple) I love Katy Perry. Who doesn’t?
617 days ago
I love Katy Perry’s songs because they are so realistic and always danceable
633 days ago
I love katty perry a lot
Because she is famous enough and talented

And a pretty girl her voice is so good and perfect she is the bomb at singing she can be a little loud high sometimes but I still like here a lot because she is the bet there is here voice ounds like an angel and here talent is so amazing because she is so amazing.
She's good at singing and good at beauty she's good at Snapchat and games doesn't do Inany negative stuff
Or anything neckaed she doesn't do any drugs or alkahole
783 days ago
Hi Katty perry sorry to bother you but I was wondering what Is the meaning of swish swish? Can you please tell me ?