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65 days ago
Fitz is obviously the match for sophie and he is by far the best. Anyone who reads keeper of the lost cities knows that.
95 days ago
104 days ago
Who do u prefer, Dex or Fitz?
104 days ago
Hahaha lol Anonymous Goshik
104 days ago
My fav character is Sophie Foster followed by Biana
104 days ago
Hi fans of keeper of lost cities!
109 days ago
Any one with me? Anyone at all?
109 days ago
Me at the end of Neverseen: KEEFEEEEEEEEE! WHYYYYYY!
134 days ago
keefe is amazing, Fitz is beautiful, #fitzphieforlife! other than Sophie, Elwin is my favorite character!
165 days ago
aaaand u 4got Lhin # person!!!!
165 days ago
Oh and Tam he is the most like calllm
183 days ago
I am doing a test of my own. Who wold you rather be with? Fitz, Keefe or Tam. Just write it.
183 days ago
HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW KEEPERS OF THE LOST CITIES SERIES 2 is a great quiz! My life is keepers of the lost cities! #keefefunny
#Linh sincere
354 days ago
KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
355 days ago
ALL hail keeper of the lost CITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!