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Sadly, a lot of young people (older ones, too) can relate to LDShadowLady's less-than-ideal home situation while growing up. Her mother was an alcoholic, and didn't pay loads of attention to Lizzie and her sister. Never a good situation when kids aren't properly supervised, but Lizzie inadvertently used it to her advantage. She played tons of video games, became excellent at them - especially at Minecraft, practically everyone's fave, right?
If you're a fan of LDShadowLady, you know the rest of the story. Lizzie is now one of the most famous gamers on YouTube, having passed the 4 million followers mark (and that's not even including other platforms!). If you're not a fan, you're missing out! This 27-year-old pink-haired English beauty is so much more than a pretty face. Her gaming skills are simply mad, and she's very playful and fun to watch!
We have a TON of quizzes on LDShadowLady, so if you love her, and love taking tests, you'll be busy here for quite a while! From true/false tests to "How Well Do You Know?" quizzes to simply finding out how much of a "Shadow Cadet" you truly are, there's lots here for every fan, or for those who are intrigued and would like to know this Lady better.

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Ldshadowlady quiz! (2020)

How Well Do You Know LDShadowLady?

How Well Do You Know LDShadowLady?

LDShadowlady quiz

Ldshadowlady—True Or False—2018

Ldshadowlady—True Or False—2018

Ldshadowlady Quiz! *2018*


How well do you know LDShadowLady

Are you a true Shadow Cadet?

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29 days ago
Hi Lizzie .just so you know I'm glad you and Joel are married now.i have been a shadow cadet for years.i remember when you first posted the first episode of crazy craft,(who else remembers the turkey hat of war!).happy new year.your videos never stop to please me !bye Lizzie😊
156 days ago
Hi lizzie i l♡ve you
163 days ago
Ever since i started watching you i was inspired to play many games like Minecraft,with out you i would be bored to death
168 days ago
im a shadow cadet
182 days ago
lizzie you probly wont read this but
you meen the wold to me and you have mead me know ill be a youtuber from olivia
209 days ago
249 days ago
I love you Lizzie! I know all about you.. mind if I share a joke?
Today at the bank a woman asked me to check her balance. So I pushed her over.
297 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady! My mom wrote 2 books about you we are hearing from publisher. She wrote them about YouTubers actually she is one herself.
I look up to you as an idol and I love you so much. TBH, whenever I'm sad I just watch your videos. I took your Ultimate Test a few days ago and got 92% knowledge of LDShadowLady out of 100%. The questions are hard check it out yourself!
Sincerely, Your biggest fans
318 days ago
Oh my god Lizzie am your number 1 fan will you give me a shoutout
353 days ago
360 days ago
13/20 78% shadow cadet ;) I passed
374 days ago
Hi sorry for dat -
\ \
428 days ago
i gets 9/10 Yahoo!
428 days ago
Helllllllowww I ❤️ Ldshadowlady!
430 days ago
((blueI love you Lizzie
438 days ago
Ilove Lizzie she is the best yotuber ever
450 days ago
lizzies the best youtuber in the world and I luvv her so much and if you see this Elizabeth it would be a dream come true
458 days ago
15 out of 15 im the real shadow cadet
469 days ago
I scored 15 out of 15. LIZZIE IS THE BEST!!!
470 days ago
I love LDShadowlady ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜