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Sadly, a lot of young people (older ones, too) can relate to LDShadowLady's less-than-ideal home situation while growing up. Her mother was an alcoholic, and didn't pay loads of attention to Lizzie and her sister. Never a good situation when kids aren't properly supervised, but Lizzie inadvertently used it to her advantage. She played tons of video games, became excellent at them - especially at Minecraft, practically everyone's fave, right?
If you're a fan of LDShadowLady, you know the rest of the story. Lizzie is now one of the most famous gamers on YouTube, having passed the 4 million followers mark (and that's not even including other platforms!). If you're not a fan, you're missing out! This 27-year-old pink-haired English beauty is so much more than a pretty face. Her gaming skills are simply mad, and she's very playful and fun to watch!
We have a TON of quizzes on LDShadowLady, so if you love her, and love taking tests, you'll be busy here for quite a while! From true/false tests to "How Well Do You Know?" quizzes to simply finding out how much of a "Shadow Cadet" you truly are, there's lots here for every fan, or for those who are intrigued and would like to know this Lady better.

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How Well Do You Know LDShadowLady?

How Well Do You Know LDShadowLady?

Are you a true Shadow Cadet?

Ldshadowlady—True Or False—2018

Ldshadowlady—True Or False—2018



How well do you know LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady Quiz 😋:3

True or false LDShadowlady

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86 days ago
Hi lizzie i l♡ve you
94 days ago
Ever since i started watching you i was inspired to play many games like Minecraft,with out you i would be bored to death
98 days ago
im a shadow cadet
112 days ago
lizzie you probly wont read this but
you meen the wold to me and you have mead me know ill be a youtuber from olivia
140 days ago
180 days ago
I love you Lizzie! I know all about you.. mind if I share a joke?
Today at the bank a woman asked me to check her balance. So I pushed her over.
228 days ago
Hi LDShadowLady! My mom wrote 2 books about you we are hearing from publisher. She wrote them about YouTubers actually she is one herself.
I look up to you as an idol and I love you so much. TBH, whenever I'm sad I just watch your videos. I took your Ultimate Test a few days ago and got 92% knowledge of LDShadowLady out of 100%. The questions are hard check it out yourself!
Sincerely, Your biggest fans
248 days ago
Oh my god Lizzie am your number 1 fan will you give me a shoutout
283 days ago
291 days ago
13/20 78% shadow cadet ;) I passed
304 days ago
Hi sorry for dat -
\ \
359 days ago
i gets 9/10 Yahoo!
359 days ago
Helllllllowww I ❤️ Ldshadowlady!
360 days ago
((blueI love you Lizzie
368 days ago
Ilove Lizzie she is the best yotuber ever
380 days ago
lizzies the best youtuber in the world and I luvv her so much and if you see this Elizabeth it would be a dream come true
388 days ago
15 out of 15 im the real shadow cadet
400 days ago
I scored 15 out of 15. LIZZIE IS THE BEST!!!
400 days ago
I love LDShadowlady ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜
431 days ago
I love ldshadowlady so much she is amazing and funny