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Being a twin has always been in - and Liv and Maddie take twinhood to the next level! Despite being identical, these characters couldn't be much more different. Actress/girly-girl Liv loves high heels and high ratings; down-to-earth hoops star Maddie's all about high tops and high grades.
We love this Disney show because Liv and Maddie are encouraged to be their own cool, fun selves, defying many people's notions about twins (who don't like labels or being pigeonholed any more than non-twins do). That said, the myth that identical twins are ultra-close is true in their case - these twin girls are absolutely #twingoals.
So, anyway, we were all in for Liv and Maddie - then the show ended in 2017, and Wednesdays felt sad for awhile. :( Miss them? Well, cheer up, 'cause we got quizzes for you! Bam what! Yes, boo! Take a few - and bring back all the fond memories right now! You can even add your own Liv and Maddie quiz to this section if you're feeling inspired!

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Liv and Maddie. True or False?

Liv and Maddie Fan Trivia

Do You Know The Disney Channel Show

Do You Know The Disney Channel Show "Liv and Maddie"

How well do you know Liv and Maddie?

Have you been watching Liv and Maddie?

How much do you know about Liv and Maddie?

Are you a true Liv and Maddie fan?

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32 days ago
40 days ago
Okay first off Liv and Maddie rocks second if you have not seen it WATCH IT cause its the best I binge that show im a good singer and try to be stylish so im more Liv most def
FUN FACT- Liv stands for Olivia
233 days ago
I love lov and maddie i can sit and watch it all day long
293 days ago
OM Wowsies ILOVE luv and Maddie it is my favorite show rite now
299 days ago
OMG love Liv and Maddie I re-watch it prob like 3 times a week I love them both soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but I am more Maddie cuz I play a bunch of sports and I can't sing but I love Dove's voice she inspires me soo much.
325 days ago
Isnโ€™t josh hot guys and do you fancy liv josh
325 days ago
Love it I wish there was another version

I hate it so does my bro sammeer and saif
352 days ago

if i could be liv or maddie i would be liv
i hav watch all of it i one dayI LOVE LIV AND MADSIE
447 days ago
i have watched every episode 7 times in one week !!!! my favorite character is Liv and it makes sense because i'm more of a girly girl not a sporty girl but i still love maddie too.
519 days ago
I have watched every episode 5 times in one week!!I am more like Liv because I am litteraly a total girly girl.My most favorite is Liv:1 because I am most like her:2 is because I look up to her in the movie!!I mean Iโ€™m not a actress like her,but I am a dancer!!Anyway I love the show!!I wish to be in the show!!
540 days ago
I watched literally every episode. Not joking ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿจ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿผ
540 days ago
My fav episode is the one when tod Stetson and his jerky friends are rating girl by there looks and then liv writes a song called what a girl is.
540 days ago
My brothers fav character is Parker
540 days ago
I am more of a liv I love fashion
540 days ago
Liv and Maddie is literally the best show ever. Sisters by chance friends by choice.
585 days ago
i love liv and maddie
631 days ago
I love Dove Cameron she is a good actress and I can never tell when they do a twin Switcheroo
649 days ago
I am a huge fan of the show and Dove Cameron
649 days ago
I love the show because I love Dove Cameron and I love sports and fashion
701 days ago
I love the tv show liv and Maddie because she play twins as dove Cameron