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Have you seen ALL the Marvel movies yet? If you've never seen even one, it's definitely time to start binge-watching! With 23 choices at this writing and more being added every year, there's literally tons of knowledge to own or to catch up on about the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Maybe more than one person ever could hope to? But don't let that stop you from trying, 'K?
The year 2007, of course, was when it all began. As if we had to tell you, MCU is the highest-grossing film franchise in movie history (a cool $22.5 billion and climbing). Personally, we wonder what Kevin Feige (the genius creator of all these films, icydk) and his creative cohorts eat for breakfast every morning. We need some of that fuel in OUR lives!
Anyway, MCU worshipper (or soon-to-be superfan), you've arrived at our MCU quiz section. Here we have some "Ultimate" quizzes, a "How Much Do You Know"?, a character names test (sounds challenging!) and quite a few more. If you're a major fan and are feeling creative, we welcome you to make your own unique MCU quiz. We're sure you can leave us all stumped - or at least better educated! We hope you enjoy these MCU tests - try a few now.

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Captain America Quiz

Captain America Quiz

MCU Quiz

MCU Quiz

The Ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz

How much do you know about MARVEL?

How well do you know your marvel?

Are you a real Marvel fan?

Are you a real Marvel fan?

MCU quiz

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653 days ago
marvel has 100 movies that i like it its cool and super you will like see the movies