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If you're a forever Metallica fan, you might've suffered through more sound experimentation than you wanted. Fortunately, 2008's "Death Magnetic" saw Metallica return to its thrash roots after veering dangerously close to the mainstream. As if to confirm its relief, in 2009 the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted the band. It was a long road from 1981 L.A. to 2009 Cleveland, but good things come to those who wait - or so we've been told. ;)
Of course, you can wait too long sometimes, as many bummed-out fans learned. In 2013, due to expiring licenses, "Ride the Lightning, "Blackened" and "And Justice for All" became no longer available for download. It's a shame, but we can make do with all the other great stuff, right?
Longtime fans and those just catching up with Metallica now, welcome to your section! We have close to 20 quizzes on the band here for you to try. Maybe you'd like to add your own quiz? We invite you to do so, and to challenge your friends to beat your scores.

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Metallica fan?

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