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Years on, we're still sad about Michael Jackson's tragic, much-too-soon demise. The King of Pop should have ruled the music world for much, much longer. And he can never be replaced, not by any artist, no matter how talented. He was absolutely one-of-a-kind. We can all agree on that.
But although he may be gone, MJ is still very much in our hearts. Memories of his gentle manner, as well as his stirring signature songs, live on. You can't listen to any kind of "Greatest Hits" station or compilation for very long without hearing one or more of his multi-platinum efforts.
Do you love Michael Jackson? Know absolutely everything about him? See just how well you know this beloved pop idol by taking one of the more than 55 quizzes here devoted to him. Maybe you could even play a few of his tracks to inspire you while you do.

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How Much Do You Know About The King Of Pop?

How Much Do You Know About The King Of Pop?

For All Michael Jackson Fans ONLY!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson Quiz

Micheal Jackson

Do You Know Michael Jackson?

Do You Know Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson ULTIMATE FAN quiz

The Michael Jackson quiz

The Michael Jackson quiz

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135 days ago
I love Michael Jackson i have loved him for six years going on seven years. rest in peace King of pop!!
256 days ago
I love you so much Michael and I miss you😭❤❤
R.I.P King of pop👑❤
281 days ago
im am a big fan of Michael Jackson
288 days ago
I am the big fan of MCIhaw Jakesin and chael jcson
349 days ago
i wish he did not die sad
357 days ago
Michael Jackson was sooooooo cute😍💕and I am a big fan
357 days ago
I’m the big fan of Michael Jackson and I would love to take quize
357 days ago
I wish Michael Jackson didn’t have to die
366 days ago
I dance sing sing to Michael Jackson
549 days ago
So cool umm don't think about my name because in a youtuber xd
569 days ago
I want to be just like you one day if I come see you today only if I could
570 days ago
call me baby always
570 days ago
you called me yesterday before I left.
585 days ago
Michael your the best person ever and ever we love you forevermore

I Love you Baby always there for me and always been

RIP. Michael Jackson
593 days ago
why michael jackson called king of pop
598 days ago
I am in love 😍 with you and i am biggest number one fan of king of pop singer 👨‍🎤 and you are so beautiful 😍 and you are handsome and super hero and you are so beautiful and super funny 😄 and you are so sweet and sour and you are so sexy boy friend I love 💗 and you got the power to make me message and make me love you 😘 and super fun and super cute and super fun with love Mary Jane Jackson she is super hot and sexy with you Mary Jane
604 days ago
Did he have a skin rash
604 days ago
I love you Michael Jackson
607 days ago
I really hope that micheal is still alive cause they're might still be a chance
613 days ago
Yes I do love Michael Joseph Jackson