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Do you love Minecraft? Yes? You're most definitely not alone! In fact, the game - launched in 2009 - has 74 MILLION active players on 14 platforms. Minecraft has sold 144 million copies and counting across all platforms and is the second-best-selling game of all time. Kind of says it all, huh?
Whether you love Minecraft's exploration, resource gathering, crafting or combat aspects the most, or prefer to play in its survival, creative, adventure, spectator or hardcore mode, you'll find quizzes in this section that will challenge your knowledge of the world's almost favorite video game.
So maybe taking quizzes about Minecraft isn't QUITE as great as playing the actual game. We get it. But you have to take a break sometime, right? And if you ace these - which we're SURE you will - you can challenge your Minecraft fan friends to beat your scores. That's a great new game in itself, kind of. :) Give these tests a try now - good luck and have fun!

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Minecraft quiz

Minecraft Quiz!




Minecraft quiz

Minecraft Crafting Quiz

Minecraft Quiz

Minecraft Quiz (Hard)

Minecraft Math Quiz

How much do you know about Minecraft?

How much do you know about Minecraft?

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Quacky (34591)
16 days ago
Try playing my test
Evie (89782)
21 days ago
shelbie (65064)
78 days ago
My age is eight and I know a lot about mine craft so if u need help with anything just text back

Yours truly
shelbie & conner
by the way the for reading :)
NewFriskFan26 (88359)
116 days ago
HOI I'm TeMmIe AnD uM dE bEsT aT qUiZeS
Devinn (33104)
130 days ago
Ahmad (37673)
180 days ago
Diamondblaze960 (68986)
200 days ago
I love Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chriatian (83407)
206 days ago
Can u please make more quizess please. I would love it if I create quizess. Because if u create more quizzes I would like to answer them. Quizzes are fun but sometimes they are pretty hard. And I want I to make 10 quizzes because I want others to see if they know like what mods, mobs, redstones quizzes u know. If u make 10 quizzes and they are lucky I am so going to do it. Just like hulk will smash and he says hulk smash.
Chriatian (83407)
206 days ago
Hay. Its my first time doing a simple quiz. I have some reasons why I am doing the quiz, because I love it when the developers like create these quizzes. And I would like to start it.
?????? (06649)
246 days ago
Minecraft is amazing
FlamestaBower (56649)
254 days ago
Minecraft Is AWESOME
Heidi (68316)
259 days ago
I play Minecraft on the Wii u
mammytheminercraftfan (57951)
269 days ago
i love minecraft!!!!!
i wont tell u (59930)
281 days ago
i think this is asome well good luck everyone
cupcake 17 (74221)
423 days ago
I love! MINECRAFT but DanTDM is the BEST
XxMinecraftGirlProxX (48358)
436 days ago
XxMinecraftProxX (48358)
439 days ago
All of these tests are too easy I got 10/10 on each test.
BlueSparkler (69729)
657 days ago
I just wanted to know who made this quiz because it is a great quiz Ian making a minecraft quiz map and would like to know if he/she would be kind enough to email me the answers for my quiz thank you
Bob💀💀💀 (63413)
868 days ago
Diss game da best like a boss 😎😎 💀
minecraft pro (99989)
879 days ago
every one colme down i know this qwiz is bad