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How well do you know Minecraft?

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How much do you know about Minecraft?

How much do you know about Minecraft?

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Devinn (33104)
9 days ago
Ahmad (37673)
59 days ago
Diamondblaze960 (68986)
79 days ago
I love Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chriatian (83407)
85 days ago
Can u please make more quizess please. I would love it if I create quizess. Because if u create more quizzes I would like to answer them. Quizzes are fun but sometimes they are pretty hard. And I want I to make 10 quizzes because I want others to see if they know like what mods, mobs, redstones quizzes u know. If u make 10 quizzes and they are lucky I am so going to do it. Just like hulk will smash and he says hulk smash.
Chriatian (83407)
85 days ago
Hay. Its my first time doing a simple quiz. I have some reasons why I am doing the quiz, because I love it when the developers like create these quizzes. And I would like to start it.
?????? (06649)
125 days ago
Minecraft is amazing
FlamestaBower (56649)
133 days ago
Minecraft Is AWESOME
Heidi (68316)
138 days ago
I play Minecraft on the Wii u
mammytheminercraftfan (57951)
148 days ago
i love minecraft!!!!!
i wont tell u (59930)
161 days ago
i think this is asome well good luck everyone
cupcake 17 (74221)
302 days ago
I love! MINECRAFT but DanTDM is the BEST
XxMinecraftGirlProxX (48358)
315 days ago
XxMinecraftProxX (48358)
318 days ago
All of these tests are too easy I got 10/10 on each test.
BlueSparkler (69729)
536 days ago
I just wanted to know who made this quiz because it is a great quiz Ian making a minecraft quiz map and would like to know if he/she would be kind enough to email me the answers for my quiz thank you
Bob💀💀💀 (63413)
747 days ago
Diss game da best like a boss 😎😎 💀
minecraft pro (99989)
758 days ago
every one colme down i know this qwiz is bad
Cool dude (64745)
765 days ago
What QUiZ Help me this is so laGy 😣😢😣😢😢😣😣😢😢😣😣😢😢😢
RosieTheCutete (46743)
777 days ago
How do you get on!!!!!!!!!!!,?????????? Like what the even 😟😡😡😡😈👿👿👿its poooop 💩💩💩💩💩💤💤💩💩💩💤
cecilia tran (12773)
902 days ago
hey ryan in the how good are you at minecraft? almost every question has the answer potato.unbeliveable!!!!!! i almost got mad and raged quit!!!!! potato....potato.i couldnt stand it!!!! it was super crazy!!!!
Ryan (24289)
903 days ago
#first comments! Why is there no comments? Mine is the only one. I posted this comment on December 5 2015. 1:26 am.