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Life is all about chance – chance meetings and taking chances. The guys from One Direction are very keenly aware of this. Each appeared solo on The X Factor – but none of the guys won.
But it wasn't over! It was decided that as a group, these talented boys would go further as a boyband than any had on his own. One Direction was formed, and the rest is history! The lads together have multiple megahits and a combined worth of more than $25 million. Not bad for taking a chance, hmm?
Can't get enough of One Direction? They might have gone on hiatus for now (and we hope they return soon!) but you can still find them right here in quiz form. Think you know One Direction better than anyone? Or want to know them better? Test it out right here in our One Direction section!

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Harry'S curl hair.Oooooooooh my god
466 days ago
Ed sheeran is not the best of all time
466 days ago
One direction is the best better than ed sheeran
466 days ago
Hi do you know anything about one direction or not know anything about them is that they are really popular and they always use to hear them sing their favorite song at the concert in central link on the way tour we were really excited that they were singing what makes you beautiful
466 days ago
But they broke up with the other band is ed Sheeran on the way that they broke up is even really upsetting me and my song
466 days ago
I know that one direction is good band
472 days ago
I know there songs sow well
501 days ago
One Direction is the best
514 days ago
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And by Justin I mean Justin Bieber
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