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Talk about your music prodigies - Panic! At the Disco recorded their first demo while still in high school! Around the time many of their classmates were getting ready for college, the band hit the studio and recorded their debut album, 2005's "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out." One charmed single, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," went double-platinum in America.
And just like that, Panic! At the Disco - what with world tours, a fired band member and all that real rock star stuff - were the next big thing on the music scene. Not bad for a bunch of high school boys from Sin City!
If you love the band, they're still a pretty awesome thing. One MORE awesome thing - this section contains no fewer than 55 quizzes on the band. Take a few now - and if you have friends who are also into Panic! At the Disco, maybe challenge them to beat your scores! Have fun!

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What Panic! At The Disco Lyrics Comes Next?

What Panic! At The Disco Lyrics Comes Next?

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Panic! At The Disco Quiz

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RedPandas (89341)
9 days ago
I got the majority of these right EXCEPT ONE... Now I'm mad
Bunnywabbit (62184)
9 days ago
Can we get another amen?!
Avery (88372)
137 days ago
I love panic and Brendan’s big forehead and Ryan Ross and his cheese whiz😂