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One of the coolest, most popular book series ever written for kids had a humble beginning, as bedtime stories for a middle-school teacher's son. With the youngster, Haley, serving as both consultant and literary critic, Rick Riordan took Percy and the Olympians far beyond books as movies and even a musical.
For the books' protagonist, Percy, being the son of the Greek god Poseidon certainly has its advantages. The lucky lad inherited from his god-of-the-sea father, well, the looks of a Greek god - dark and very handsome.
Now don't get us wrong, good looks are great to have, but they're probably not even what you like most about Percy, right? Maybe you admire his powers, which start small and develop as the books proceed, even more. Over time Percy learns he can control water, make hurricanes, breathe underwater, and talk to horse-like animals and fish. He also becomes an accomplished sword-fighter and leader.
Despite being a demigod, Percy (short for Perseus) is really relatable to kids. He has ADHD and dyslexia, as well as a very human mom, Sally. Percy is fiercely loyal to friends and family (his "fatal flaw" according to the goddess Athena) and is "as changeable as the sea." And for what it's worth, our hero is a Leo!
Whether you're just picking up the Percy series now or have read and seen everything you possibly can about the young Olympian, there are quizzes in this section we think you'll love to try.

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